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  • Our Work Is Our Own

    The Prep This House website contains only images that represent work completed by our company.

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    When Home Staging is all we do, you can rest assured that we take our job very seriously.

  • Our Designs are Individual

    Prep This House designs each staging uniquely for each home and strategically for the specific target market.

  • Our Partnerships Are Priceless

    Prep This House works with some of the Top Realtors in our market.

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Are You Planning on Selling Your Kelowna Home
and Don’t Know Where to Start?

‘Ponder no more! By visiting this site, you’ve just taken your first step in preparing your home for sale!


It is a well known fact in the real estate industry that a viewer’s positive first impression is a key factor in selling homes. We understand how powerful a positive first impression can be. We can help you, the seller, to benefit financially from that all important positive first impression.

The Real Estate industry has significantly changed over the last few years.
 Previously buyers wouldn’t mind doing some repairs, such as painting and sometimes even structural work, to a home. 
However, these days, buyers are leading busy lives and they want to be able to hit the ground running when they move into their new home. They expect houses to be in a ‘move in’ condition. In a buyer’s market, they know that if they can’t get what they want from one seller, they will be able to move on and find what they want from someone else. 
That’s why it is essential to give potential buyers something positive to remember about your home.

Modern day life often doesn’t allow homeowners a lot of time to repair and restore their home. Unfavorable work life balances and demanding family life can mean that very little time can be afforded in the preparation of homes for sale regardless of how important it is. However, that doesn’t mean that your property can’t be well prepared! That is where we can help.

Home Staging is the act of preparing a property for sale in the real estate marketplace in order to secure the best possible sale price and  is the only pre -sale service  that actually brings measurable value.
Statistics prove that preparing your Kelowna home using the systematic approach of Home Staging
strengthens and positions sellers above other properties, regardless of what the economy is doing!
Why?  Because presentation matters…. a lot!!

About Us

At Prep This House we love placing furniture, treatments and
 accessories for maximum buyer appeal! We want your home to be
 seen in all of its glory so that it appears large enough to hold 
a buyer’s belongings and yet feels like a home to live in for many years.
Ultimately, we work to add value and be part of your quick sell.

Prep This House, is the ONLY Home Staging Company that focuses on owner occupied homes!
 Let our experience work for you! We have been providing Home 
Staging services in the Kelowna area for over 10 years, staging everything 
from small condos to multi-million dollar waterfront properties.
 We are property experts and we stay up to date with new trends which means that we can provide necessary solutions for any real estate market.


  • Our Designs are Individual

    Prep This House designs each staging uniquely for each home and strategically for the specific target market.

  • Our Experience is Priceless

    When Home Staging is all we do, you can rest assured that we take our job very seriously.  We also attend design industry events to ensure we stay on top of the latest design trends.

  • Our Work Is Our Own

    The Prep This House website contains only images that represent work completed by our company. We proudly display the “true portfolio” logo and assure you that all the photos displayed on our website and marketing material are our own.  They are true representations of the quality of our staging.

  • Our Partnerships Are Priceless

    Prep This House works with some of the Top Realtors in our market. We have carefully selected our relationships with Realtors who understand the unique pockets of our communities and the lifestyles Kelowna has to offer, and are skilled at marketing these properties.

What others say about us

Dean Desrosier

As a real estate agent, I need my clients to hear the honest truth and for them to be given a clear action plan for staging. Often, there are things that “they don’t want to hear” and this is where Kym shines. Her advice is spot on and given in such a way that empowers my clients.

Clients love her, houses sell very fast and for top dollar. Sounds like a fit for me. Thanks to Kym, I have happier clients, sell faster and now I offer staging to all my clients (even the lower price houses). Why? Because it works!

Dean Desrosier Realtor Century 21Assurance Realty
Dan & Diana Z

When we listed our house for sale Prep This House came highly recommended to us. Their friendly but honest direct attitude took our tired looking home and show cased it in its best light. Their advice and recommendation list quickly turned our house to a marketable show home. We found them to be very professional and sensitive to help us de-clutter “our stuff”.

Dan & Diana ZKelowna
Ross & Sue M

In the week that it’s been on the market, we’ve had 4 showings and two offers!! Needless to say, we’re really happy about how things turned out, and we credit much of our success to your staging skills. So … a big thank you!!

Ross & Sue MKelowna
Teresa Smith

Kym is a very skilled home stager. In a market that requires a home to show their very best to stand out, her work brings in the Buyers. The before and afters are incredible! Staging with Kym gets more for my Sellers. Her communication and patience with home owners assures that the job is completed on schedule. My clients love her!”

Teresa Smith Realtor RE/MAX Kelowna

Meet the Team

Kym Cole

Kym Cole

Interior Decorator, Home Stager, Owner

Kym a native of Great Britain (only without the accent) possesses a realistic and practical approach to helping sellers prepare their home for sale. Her philosophy for Home Staging is quite simple; to reinvent space for her clients by mixing styles, textures and finishes that help maximize the selling price of their homes.

Alisa Dafoe

Alisa Dafoe

Interior Property Stylist

Alisa has a great eye for detail and enjoys the many aspects of Home Staging. She is vibrant and enthusiastic and loves using her creativity to tackle even the most challenging staging projects, making her an essential addition to the Prep This House team.

Marilyn Johnston

Marilyn Johnston

Professional Organizer

Organizing O.P.S. (other people’s stuff) is really one of my very favorite things to do. Working with somebody, organizing stuff is the cream of the crop for me! Having MJ work on your home before we stage it is a super cost effective decision

Matt Van Emerick

Matt Van Emerick

Art Director

Matt is the owner of Showcase Photography, which was started after he saw the overwhelming need for quality images while searching for his own home to purchase. He is a valued addition to the Prep This House Team.

Welcome! This is our dedicated Team. Did we say that we would love to work with you? So dont be shy, get in touch!