Are You Planning on Selling Your Kelowna Home and Don’t Know Where to Start?

Have you started preparing your home for sale and are overwhelmed?

 We can Help!!  Its a well known fact that in the real estate industry a viewers first impression is the key factor in selling a home.   We understand the power of making your homes first impression work to your benefit! 

Today’s buyers are leading busy lives so they want houses to be in “move in” condition. If you don’t want buyers rushing out the door moments after they arrive, you have to create a fantastic first impression.  Many   buyers are looking for  homes that won’t require a ton of work before moving in, because honestly, who has the time to gut and renovate? That’s why it is essential to give potential buyers something positive to remember about your home. 

In a buyers market they know that if they can’t get what they want from one seller, they can move on and find what they want from someone else! Are you prepared to potentially cost yourself thousands by not taking the time to make your house look great right from the start?

Home Staging, is the only marketing tool performed in preparation for selling a home that actually brings measurable value. When over 95% of buyers are shopping online for a property and 9 out of 10 buyers cannot see beyond what is presented to them.  So investing in Home Staging strengthens and positions sellers above other properties, regardless of what the economy is doing!  Why?  Because presentation matters…. a lot!!