Is this a good picture, and does this picture entice buyers to come and see this property? 

How is this considered marketing?

There is a huge difference in the quality of photos taken by a professional, and the quality of photos taken by today’s Realtors on their iPhone.

What if you didn’t pay a professional home inspector to inspect a property and you just did it yourself?

Imagine a seller, a Realtor, or both who decide that in lieu of hiring a reputable PROFESSIONAL to inspect the property, they’re going to ask their friend Jethro instead.

Jethro, like, totally knows a lot about houses and stuff.  He has amazing eyesight and can spot road kill like George Costanza spots raccoons!

So forget about paying a professional home inspector  – just have Jethro photocopy an old inspection, use lots of white-out, and fill in the data himself.

Does that sound like a good idea?

NOT!!! There are serious legal and financial hazards in not doing a proper home inspection, but both ways are cutting corners for what “should” take place in a complete listing process.

Since over 90%  of home buyers are searching online for their next home… there is no way you will get people in the door of the property if they don’t like what it looks like when first viewing online!

If you’re a seller, and you’re about to sign a listing, ask your Realtor, “Who are you hiring to take the photos?”  If your Realtor doesn’t throw out a name quickly, then he or she doesn’t know the first thing about marketing.

Technology is an intrinsic part of modern homes, and home buyers consider how the house they are thinking of buying suits their technology needs and entertainment preferences. If you are staging your house to increase its marketability, you should also consider updating your electronics and appliances to make it more attractive to your target demographic as well as increas the home value.

Much like the usual options for furniture, you can decide to rent appliances and gadgets during the staging process of your home, or opt to purchase in preparation for your upcoming move after the property is sold. If you choose to go the latter route, your potential buyers should be made aware that the new appliances they see – LED TV, refrigerator, espresso machine – are not part of the purchase.

There are home sellers, however, who buy new gadgets and home appliances with the intention of including them in the negotiations and eventual deal. After all, carefully selected and modern, top-of-the-line home appliances not only add value to the whole home, but also make it more convenient for the new homeowners who will no longer have to go out and purchase these amenities themselves.

Whether you are renting or buying new tech gadgets and home appliances, here are 3 simple suggestions on how you can make technology complement your home’s overall look and feel:

  • Clean up and repair. Your current appliances can be made to look almost new again if you clean them with soap and water, removing dirt, grime and other stains that may have accumulated over time. There are special cleaning products you can use for different home appliances; be sure to use the appropriate product to avoid damage. Speaking of damage, if there are any dents or damages that need to be repaired, have them taken care of professionally or do it yourself. You can also consider appliance touch-up paint; this is a very cost-effective way to update the look of your home appliances and also cover up any dents or scratches.
  • Strike a balance. Many homeowners make the mistake of having way too many electronics displayed in their home. This can be quite jarring or contribute to technostress if done excessively. For instance, a small living room will look busy or crowded with a 50-inch LED television set on top of a home entertainment center with audio controls, speakers, and all the works.  A smaller TV with a wall mount, and speakers and subwoofers strategically positioned around the living room area will free up the space and provide entertainment without necessarily hogging all the attention. Any appliances or electronics you purchase or use should comfortably blend in with the space.
  • Update intelligently. Tech-savvy buyers will be more than likely to keep up with the latest trends in gadgets and home electronics, so make sure you are using contemporary, fresh-looking appliances for staging, especially if those appliances will be part of the deal once they decide to buy the house.  Avoid the cheaper model from last year; look for great deals on the most up-to-date electronics and appliances possible as this increases the perceived value of your property and makes it more appealing to your home buyers.

People treat bathrooms as a sanctuary within the home, a place to retreat and find some alone time, and as such will pay much attention to the bathroom design and layout of a home they are interested in buying. When potential buyers take a tour of your bathroom, they will look for the comfort and privacy of a personal space, or how functional and adaptable the bathroom is to their daily lives especially if there are many family members who will potentially be sharing the bathroom.


The “spa ambience” is something that is currently quite popular among homeowners. So it is important to create modern bathrooms that draw people in and make them feel so pampered and relaxed that they might not want to leave. Fixtures such as marble tiles, waterfall faucets, versatile showerheads, heated floors and even flat-screen TVs are popping up in ultra-chic bathrooms designed to make the user instantly feel refreshed and ready to wash away the stress of daily life.


Bathroom makeovers can run up a bill between $25,000-$40,000 modestly, and even go higher depending on the materials used and labor. But simple bathroom transformations can still be achieved without leaving you broke, as long as you remember to make the most of what you currently have and plan the most cost-effective but impacting additions or updates to your bathroom.


  • DIY savings – When planning your bathroom makeover, keep in mind that labor costs can take up to a third of your budget. You can save a lot by figuring out how much of the tasks you can do yourself. You can even think of ways to include the rest of the family in the project, turning it into quality time spent together.
  • Work with existing structure – If you are on a limited budget, improving instead of rehashing your bathroom would be your goal. The sink, tub, and shower or tub can stay where they are; if you have to move plumbing around, the cost significantly goes up too. Instead of having to move these around, updating them such as replacing showerheads, retiling the tub, or changing faucets are more affordable and within your budget.
  • Paint magic – Paint can instantly transform your bathroom from so-so to super, and it is relatively inexpensive. Redecorating your bathroom becomes much easier if you paint the walls in neutral, basic colors with bright accents, and then adding various decorative elements around the bathroom such as hand towels, paintings, or candles and potpourri.
  • Beauty in details – The small upgrades add to the overall value of your bathroom and make the house more marketable. Instead of one lighting fixture in the bathroom, adding different layers immediately give it that sophisticated feel of a luxury hotel suite. A small reading corner with a couch and table make the bathroom a place to relax, meditate, and recharge. Repainting cabinets and replacing the toilet top and bowl give the whole bathroom a brand-new feel all over for the fraction of the cost of renovating everything.