In your home staging efforts for bedrooms, the main focal point of the area should be the bed. It is not wrong to accessorize or deck out your bedroom with great window treatments, creative light fixtures, and other thoughtful touches and décor, but the central attraction of a bedroom is, of course, the bed. As such, it should be given the most attention and detail, as it has the most potential to either make or break the ambiance that you are going for in your bedroom.

Don’t hold backKelowna Home Staging

According to Alex Newman, the author of Hot Property: Easy Home Staging to Sell Your House for More Money in Any Market, a beautifully-made and decorated bed holds a lot of power. “The more beautiful and lavish, the more people will be stopped in their tracks,” she says. The perfect bed starts with clean, crisp linen and sheets that complement with the overall color scheme or theme of the bedroom.

A luxurious-looking bed does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to achieve. Online retailers offer great prices on linen, pillows, and other bed trimmings so you can achieve the look that you want for your bed without spending too much. Remember that any bed sheets, blankets, duvets and accessories that you purchase for your staging needs can be taken with you to your new home, so you are making an investment for the future as well.

Be generous with pillows

Fluffy, oversized pillows make the bed more inviting, relaxing, and enjoyable. You can use pillows of different sizes and shapes, and prop them up against the wall or headboard or laid flat across the bed. Avoid putting too many pillows however; too much can be distracting or make the bed look cluttered, so just make sure to put the right number and size of pillows suitable for your bed space.

Canopy beds, sleigh beds, adjustable beds

prep62If you have the budget for it, consider purchasing a new bed that would blend in with your staging plans. Canopy and sleigh beds are some of the more popular bed designs, and you can find both traditional and contemporary styles for both. If you have limited bedroom space, adjustable beds are also a popular option. A generally more costly, time-consuming, but striking option is loft beds; they are particularly suitable for small bedrooms as they maximize space while combining modern design trends.

In interior design, accessorizing is considered as the ‘icing on the cake’. It refers to the finishing touches, the items of color, shape, size, and texture that complete the look or enhance the feel of an area of the home. Accessories can make a big visual impact, or make Kelowna Home Stagingthe style you are going for very memorable to the viewer. In professional home staging, accessories play a very important role in appealing to the emotions and senses of potential home buyers, and if the right accessories are selected, home staging efforts can be additionally effective.

During the planning stages and discussions with your professional home stager, a specific budget and strategy for accessorizing would likely be determined and set aside. This is a good idea in order to avoid splurging too much money and effort on purchasing the main furniture pieces or fixtures of a room or area of the house, and then ending up with little to no resources for the finishing touches and accessories.

Here are some simple suggestions and tips for accessorizing around the home:

  • Shelves and display cases – Books are excellent accessories for shelves and display areas around the house. They also add personality and character to the space, and books and magazines can be selected to reflect regional or cultural flavors (i.e. historical books about your town).
  • Layering is the key – You can kind of think of accessorizing in the same way you complete a clothing ensemble with some layered clothing. The results will not be Kelowna Home Stagingsuccessful if the basic steps are not completed first. Renovations, repainting jobs, lighting replacements, and other things to be fixed or arranged should be in place first before you add the final touches of accessories.
  • Accessories are accents – Look around the home and zero in on those nooks, corners, and spaces that need a decorative finish. Keep in mind that accessories are usually not meant to take away the focus or attention from the main focal point of a room or area; if you install an accessory and it is getting all the attention, it becomes the main attraction rather than the complementary element.
  • Don’t do too much – As mentioned above, accessories are supposed to complement, so avoid accessorizing too much. Keep it simple and minimize the clutter, but make sure the décor of the area is completed by the accessories. Colors can be bright or bold, but they should still blend in or work with the overall style of the home.

How many coffee tables do you have in your home? If you are a typical North American homeowner, you probably have at least two or three lying around, right? While some coffee tables really do serve their purpose, over time these versatile pieces of furniture have evolved into multifunctional home accessories that can be repurposed and redesigned to blend into other uses.

In your home staging efforts, the coffee table can be utilized effectively to fit the ambiance or look that you would like to achieve in prep57the property. The great thing about coffee tables is they are generally very affordable; if you need to purchase an additional table or two for accent or effect, you are likely to find one that fits perfectly within your budget. With some creativity, you can even spruce up your current coffee and side tables, move them around the different areas of your house, and watch them transform into completely different furniture pieces altogether. Refurbishing used coffee tables is not expensive either; some do-it-yourself painting can do the trick.

The outdoor coffee table – Got a front porch or backyard? A table and some chairs can be set up and make your outdoor area extra inviting or look like a great place to hang out on sunny days.

The exhibit coffee table – Have a piece of sculpture or artwork you would like to showcase or use as a focal point for a bedroom or area of the home? An appropriate-sized table can help show it off. Use a cover if needed, and perhaps some accent lighting to complete the effect.

The workaholic coffee table – A coffee table can be repurposed as a more compact work desk that can house a laptop or tablet. Set up computer props, repaint the table a contemporary metallic paint, and it will look like a futuristic computer geek’s work station.

prep58The spa bathroom coffee table – Going for a luxurious spa-like bathroom? Use a compact coffee table in the corner for decorating with candles or potpourri, decorative hand towels, and an array of hand soaps, lotions, and toiletries.

The bookworm coffee table – A reading nook somewhere in your home will need a table for books and magazines. Avoid the reading glasses; that’s a tired cliché. Instead, focus on making it look very comfortable and a quiet place to immerse oneself in reading.