Hanging the right pictures, art, and posters on the walls can definitely add personality, character and charm to your home’s overall home staging look. While professional home stagers and interior designers would generally discourage you from displaying family portraits when staging the home (as the space needs to be depersonalized as much as possible), there are plenty of other décor you can hang on the walls for an added touch of class or comfort.prep103

Are you an aspiring photographer with several images or portraits you are particularly proud of? They may go well over the fireplace, on the dining room wall, or going up the staircase. Artwork you have bought or collected over the years are also excellent additions to wall décor selections. Whatever you decide to display on your walls, it is important not to overdo it or to cram the space with too much décor that it becomes distracting or looks hectic to the viewer.

Secure the wall décor

You wouldn’t want that painting or picture falling from the wall or hurting a potential home buyer when they tour your space. Make sure that it is hanging properly and securely. You can opt for nails and wall studs for strength; on the other hand, picture hanging-hooks and fasteners are usual options for mid-sized frames. For pictures and paintings that are larger and heavier, screws would be safer and more securely hold the wall art in place.

Use wall art for color

Posters, photographs, and paintings can provide the much-needed splash of color you want in your indoor space. You want to paint your walls a bright red but your spouse and your realtor don’t approve? Look for wall art and images with bright red hues and colors, display them in groups on your walls, and watch the colors come to life.

Your wall art can also add contrast or accent to your space. If your walls are painted in bright colors and hues, paintings or posters that are pastel-based or with light colors would provide contrast and visual appeal.

Not just paintings and photographs

There are other types of wall décor that you can add for variety. For instance, hanging candle holders can be interspersed between frames. Crafts made of different materials can also be displayed to achieve a cozy ambiance. A colorful wall clock can be both functional and decorative. If you like to change up the wall art every once in a while, you can hang clipboards of various sizes and then use them as display frames for different images or quotes that you like.

Bathrooms say quite a lot about the character of the home as well as the homeowner. In your home staging plans, the bathroom can add to the overall charm and personality of the property. Perhaps you and your professional home staging team have discussed various aspects of upgrading the bathroom space, including flooring, lighting, and other details, but what about your bathroom towels?

Here are some of our favourite stylish and creative ways to display your bathroom towels. Simple ideas that can go a long way in making your bathroom stand out in the mind of your potential home buyers. Towels don’t necessarily have to all be stowed away in your bathroom linen closet; after all, many bathrooms these days have limited storage options, so you have to cook up innovative solutions for your bathroom towels, such as the ones here:

Maximize unused spaces. You can use contemporary magazine racks or colourful baskets to fold or roll up towels and store them under the sink. Woven baskets of different shapes and sizes are also great towel storage spaces that you can display at almost any corner of the bathroom; they can keep the towels neatly out of view if you prefer, or you can keep the lid off and show off your towel folding skills. They are also very functional, keeping towels within reach.

Creative towel hooks and racks. If you have the space for it, an unused ladder that fits your prep101bathroom’s look can be a creative towel bar; it would provide three or four towel bars without taking up too much space, and it looks really unique as well. You can also look at towel hooks and racks that look like trees or plants, or if you want a simple, minimalist effect, a metallic towel rack would be great.

Towel storage ideas for hotel chic effect. A relatively cost-efficient update that adds storage and also makes your bathroom more sophisticated in style would be a towel rack and bar above the toilet area. If you have a bathtub, setting up a stool next to it and then displaying a rolled up towel on it would also add a nice touch.

prep102Put that old wine rack to use. Do you have an unused wine rack lying around the house? Use that for towel storage; it’s easy to keep towels perfectly rolled up in a wine rack, and you also save money instead of buying a new one. You can also experiment with different color coordination and combinations as far as the towels displayed.

Staging is truly marketing and it’s a very critical piece of the entire marketing puzzle. Sellers today need to really ask themselves if the Agent they have chosen actually is doing all the things they can to market the house for them. Besides all the regular stuff that every other Agent does, are they offering Staging Consultations? Not a de-clutter plan, or 5 easy steps to stage your home that can easily be found on the internet but a customized STAGING MARKETING plan that is built for YOUR HOUSE? Anyone can de-clutter but again, that is not staging.

Think of the builder’s models you’ve seen.  Why have they consistently sold for a higher price than a vacant spec home?  It’s all about projecting a lifestyle.  This means that sellers have to create a vision for buyers, so they’re excited about a home.  It creates an urgency to buy.

Below are 4 reasons why Top Selling Realtors recommend Home Staging services to their clients…

1. Home staging makes it easier for them to market and sell your property because your MLS photos will be 100% more enticing, and once visiting a property, home buyers are more likely to make an offer on a home that shows well.

2. With 90% of Canadian home buyers searching online, that’s why it is critically important Home Sellers have the Kelowna Home Staging Soldstrongest marketing photos possible. Many home buyers pass up properties based solely on the photos they see online. Home sellers will attract more leads with a great looking property that has amazing photos.

3. Home stagers can address problems head on, taking over the responsibility of discussing sensitive subjects like odor and unattractive decor with home sellers Home stagers explain to clients that they are not there to judge their design choices or cleanliness; they just want to position their home to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers

4. Leaving a property in “as is” condition will only help sell the competition, especially when the competition is already using home staging as a marketing tool! Home staging services can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a consultation up to several thousand dollars to fully furnish a large or very high-end home. In every case, the cost to the home seller will be significantly less than the next step, hearing those dreaded words… price reduction.