If you feel like you are about to take your home off the market because your home is not selling,  even though there has been many viewing your property, no one has brought an offer to the table… you are not alone.

Properties sitting on the market for too long are a common story in today’s very competitive real estate marketplace. We have heard countless of stories like those firsthand, and sometimes much worse.

Whenever we visit a client, whose property is already listed, the first thing they want to know is, “Why isn’t my home not selling?” “We’ve done everything! What’s the problem?”

These are just a sample of the questions that we often get asked. And we couldn’t blame them knowing that the longer a home stays on the market, the higher the chance its value depreciates. No one wants that.

Before we pitch our service to customers, we listen to them carefully and over the years we have summed up the 3 most probable causes why your home is not selling. Some of the reasons may seem obvious, yet some people ignore them and that’s what we want to stress in today’s post.

#1 Your price is too high!

Price is the number one culprit.

Having said that we may have just broken your heart and crushed your dreams, but if prospects realized that your offer is unreasonable (even just a tad bit), your property risks being staying on the market for a considerably longer period of time. Don’t let greed get in the way. We all want the best value out of our hard-earned bucks, right?

Try to put yourself in your buyers’ shoes. Would you buy a house that is the price of a grand villa but is actually a run-down, two bedroom apartment? That example might be a little exaggerated, but the answer is obvious, isn’t?

#2 You’ve got poor advertising

ever-heard-of-youtubeYou’ve got bad photos of your home posted online. With approximately 90% of buyers starting their home search online, its important that your photos be OUTSTANDING. Great MLS photos drive foot traffic to your door, increasing the chances of multiple bids

Always remember that a lone marketing tactic won’t get you a sale. You have to have a combination of marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and let the world know what you have to offer.

Our suggestions:

  • Hire a professional home stager to give your home a face lift.
  • Most, if not all, stagers have in house photographers, but in case you choose to hire a separate person, make sure the guy is experienced. Find out What Adds Value to Your Home for Sale
  • Ask your stager if they can feature your house on their social media profiles, blog, newsletters, or email campaigns for added exposure. They’ll be happy to do that for you.
  • Look for a good and trusted listing agent.
  • Hold Open Houses on weekends.
  • This is optional, but if you want to take your advertising a step further, hire a virtual tour company to shoot and upload videos.
  • But if virtual tour is out of the budget, YouTube is a “free” tool to get your prospects inside your house virtually. Highlight the best features of your home and tell them what you like about living there.

#3 You’re not ready to move on

If anything in this list strikes you as outrageous, if your home is so much about you or if you have refused every suggestion your listing agent advised you, then the problem might be YOU.

Ask yourself this, “are you truly ready to let go and move on”?

It’s not wrong to feel attached to a place where you spent your childhood, lived with your parents and siblings, and made precious memories. It’s not wrong at all!

But…if this is the thing that keeps you from selling, then consider if you are emotionally prepared to sell. If you think you are not ready for this, then by all means remove your listing and put away that sign post!

But if you are, maybe it is time to change your mindset and go put on your businessman’s hat and think like a salesman.


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Every home staging professional knows that first impressions make a significant impact in the buyer decision making process.


Home staging is not as easy as many would think it would be. In order to create a perfectly staged home,  specialized and skilled manpower is required. Hey, it’s more than just adding furnishings or repainting old walls!

Based on years of experience, we believe that do-it-yourself home staging can have sizeable  risks involved, that may affect the sellability of your home if not handled correctedly.

We also  understand that staging your home by yourself can be an option, yet if you decide to undertake  DIY, it is crucial to know what it takes.

#1 Save time with professional home staging versus DIY

Sure, there are freely available resources that you can find online, but a professional staging team knows what to do first and what to do next and has all the right tools for a flawless job.

You don’t have to spend an extra 2 hours of your day scrubbing grime or patching chipped tiles and imagine having your weekends freer for family bonding, rather than ravaging through thrift stores for on-sale items.

#2 Safety first!

Previously, we’ve talked about safety and precaution when staging your home.  So if you plan to do it on your own, you must also be aware about the basic and important safety tips.

  • Read the instructions and manufacturer’s specification before tinkering with an equipment.
  • Wear safety gears such as safety glasses and appropriate clothing to protect yourself from particulates and strong cleaning agents.
  • Take extra precaution when using electricity. Stay away from damp or wet areas if you will use electrical tools to avoid undue hazard.
  • Apply the 4-1 ladder rule. Make sure that the ladder is on a level surface and always remember that for every 4 feet of ladder height, the bottom of the ladder should correspond with one foot away from the wall or leaning object.

Check out the full article Safety First In DIY Home Staging here

#3 Save money with professional home stagers

Now, this might seem ironic to you. Saving money while spending money on professional help? How could that be possible? Well, this is a case to case basis and it would greatly depend on your tinkering and designing skills.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know the difference between designing for your family and designing for the market?
  • Have you ever tried painting a wall yourself?
  • Do you know where to buy inexpensive home accessories like lamps, candles, furniture?
  • Do you know how to repurpose old wine racks, drawers, glass jars, etc.?

If not, then there’s a great chance that you may spend more rather than spend less. One instance, would be buying things that you already have at home, instead of repurposing them.


image source: PrepThisHouse on Pinterest.com

 Repurpose an old wine rack to a towel rack. 

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Another example would be paints. If you don’t know your way with paints, it could turn into a major hassle. Choosing and mixing the right colors for your home is a tedious process. You don’t want to pay a professional to correct your mistakes, right?

On the other hand, professional stagers “see what the buyer sees”. They design for the market and they create a favorable environment to aid in the buyer decision making process.

Professional stagers develop relationships with expert carpenters, painters, cleaners, plumbers, etc. on a regular basis so you can get the best quality work.

Home staging consultants can also give your staged property additional exposure through their newsletters, blogging and their social media profiles. They are also more than willing to recommend the best paint choices, items that can be recycled, what to leave and what to get packed up.

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Being in the industry for quite a few years, we have heard plenty of stories about homes not selling for more than 6 months or so. It is something that makes us feel sad knowing how much it usually costs to maintain a property every month.

barb-corcoran-home-staging-used-to-be-optional-today-its-a-necessity-in-selling-a-houseMany do not realize the value of home staging until it is too late. Some people say it’s just a waste of money and it is something that can be easily done without the extra help from professional home stagers. Only to realize that, in the end, they could’ve sold their property faster if they’ve hired one.

Spending money on something that you are not familiar with or had no prior experience makes you hesitate. That is something we at Prep This House  understand. I mean, who doesn’t? It is normal to feel extra cautious, especially if we are talking about hard-earned money here. We all want good value in exchange for our money, right?

With that said, we’d like to show you the real value of home staging in numbers.

How much money could you really save with home staging before listing?

In a study conducted by RESA, in which 126 homeowners participated, it was observed that the average time a home spends on property listing is 263 days before the owner decided to stage. That’s approximately 9 months on average.

Moreover, based on another RESA study, wherein 284 homes were staged before they went on the market and they sold on average in 40.5 days. That is approximately 223 days less time on the market or an average of 7 months.

To show you further how much time and money you will save with home staging, a sample computation below is provided to help you determine how much money you will continue to spend  if your property remained un-staged.

Monthly Mortgage Amount $1, 700
Monthly Carrying Costs (Utilities, HOA dues, landscapers, etc.) $    300
Total monthly costs $2, 000


Based on the average time spent on a property in the market, we have…

$2,000 x 9 months = $18,000 in total expenses.

If we are to determine how much will be the savings had those home owners used home staging before listing, they would’ve saved…

$2,000 x 7 months = $14,000

That’s a whopping $14, 000 savings!

Just by looking at the numbers, you can tell how much you will be losing if you leave your property un-staged for months.

One more thing to worry about is the inevitable price reduction. Studies show that the longer a property spends time sitting on the market, the lower the selling price will be.

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The results shown in above computation are relative to individual mortgage and expenses. You can use the provided formula below or use our home staging savings calculator on the left sidebar to determine yours.

  • Monthly Mortgage Amount + Monthly Carrying Costs (Landscapers, DOA Dues, Utilities, Etc.) = Monthly Costs
  • Monthly Costs X 9 Months (Months on Market When Un-Staged) = Cost To List Property Unstaged
  • Savings: Monthly Costs X 7 Months (Reduction In Months When Staged) – Staging Fee = Savings When Staged First!


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