cheap and creative storage solutions for small bathrooms

The bathroom can often be the smallest room in the house, yet when you think about it, it stores the most variety of stuff. Sometimes, it is dizzying to sort all the products and deciding where to hide them or which ones to display can be a little frustrating (we feel for you people who live in staged homes!).

So, how do you declutter a small bathroom and keep everything organized and beautifully stored?

Here are 7 easy and cheap storage solutions that won’t break the bank but will impress any buyer.

#1 Labeled storage


Labeled jars or towel baskets are not only nice to look at but they make sorting and access much easier. They also leave a good impression with prospective buyers because they show how much of an organized person you are.

#2 Mason jars


These nifty little jars are perfect for keeping small things on hand like cotton balls, cotton swabs, hair pins and trinkets. Mason jars are pretty popular in the DIY scene and decorating them gives you endless possibilities.

#3 Shelf above the door


Lucky enough to have ample space above your bathroom door? Adding a shelf is a great way for keeping your extra toiletries neat and organized.

#4 Towel rack


No, you don’t need to drill holes for a new towel rack. Repurpose your old wine rack instead!

#5 Shoe organizers


No extra space for shelves? No worries! A clear shoe organizer is a great alternative. Best to hang it at the back of your door.

#6 Stick on pods


These clear, high quality plastic organizers adhere to flat surfaces and provide a great way to display your personal items.

#7 Cord control


Looking for a great way to keep those unruly cords under control? If you are not a fan of labeled paper rolls, you can customize a drawer or simply repurpose a cutebox.

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5 easy landscaping tips for a faster sale

Did you know that a home’s curb appeal adds 10% to its value?

That’s a fact that many home sellers are not aware of. What usually happen is that the outdoor landscaping often gets overlooked or not completed because people tend to focus on interiors.

We always tell our clients that to be able to get a faster sale, they should create or maintain an attractive outdoor landscape. It is the first thing that prospect buyers see before they step in your front door anyway! And if you want to make a good impression, set aside a small portion of your time sprucing up the front yard.

Below are some practical and inexpensive landscaping tips that you can easily start doing today.

#1 Spruce up outdoor containers

flower pots for front yard and patio

image source:

Container plants, especially large tropics are a great addition to a house’s front yard. These refreshing outdoor ornaments can be placed on patios and doorways. They also encourage the buyer with endless possibilities for designing with container plants.

#2 Apply a new layer of mulch.

Touch up your garden beds by applying a fresh layer of mulch. This will instantly give your garden a bright new look and refreshing vibe. It makes everything pop, it’s easy to use and very affordable.

#3 Add a splash of color

Who doesn’t like flowers? This summer, seasonals are great and can provide amazing colors but if you prefer plants that keep their leaves all year long, flowering evergreen shrubs are your best choice.  Or it doesn’t have to be lots of colors. It actually depends on the look and feel of your home. You can go for a monochromatic theme if that’s what you prefer.

#4 Trim and shape overgrown trees and shrubs

No matter what season it is, don’t skip on the pruning chores. Shape unsightly overgrown plants and remove dead branches. It is important to show buyers how well maintained your home is inside and out.

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#5 Tend to perennial beds

pink dierama is an evergreen perennial plant that comes back every year


Plants that come back year after year are a good investment but if it happens that they don’t good look as they should, don’t hesitate to dig them up or stick a decorative pot on its place instead.

#6 Amp up your water features

Remove any visible algae, get rid of fallen leaves, and clean filters regularly to make the water crystal clear. If you have a fountain, surround its ground with flowery foliage for a nicer touch.

#7 Be on top of any irrigation issues

Irrigation repairs can be quite expensive and you don’t want the buyer to shoulder that, unless they agreed on it. Provide your buyer with the irrigation schedule and instructions on how the system operates, especially if it is automatic.

#8 Faucet leaks? Yikes!

Leaking faucets may suggest other bigger problems in your water system and that is a turn off to potential buyers. Get a plumbing expert to fix leaking faucets and check if there’s a bigger problem that needs immediate attention.

#9 Label your plants

Have you considered labeling your plants? Well, we highly suggest that you do because your next buyer could probably be a gardening enthusiast. Create a plant inventory with pictures of every plant you have in it, flowering or non flowering. This will help them assess the growing needs of these plants and make garden redecorating easier for them.

#10 Power wash dirty surfaces



You don’t have to buy a power washer. You can rent it or borrow from a friend since you won’t use it on a daily basis. A power washer can make paved surfaces look new and shiny by removing grime and hard to remove dirt.

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the complete guide on how to live in a staged home

So you’ve joined the bandwagon. You finally made the decision to sell. You’ve gone through deep cleaning, decluttering and home staging to make your home attractive and move-in ready. And just like what we always tell you, it’s like living in a hotel suite.

But there’s always a ‘but’. Suddenly, you realized that don’t have hotel maid service or a personal chef, instead you have 2 pets and 3 kids who always run around, jump on the sofa and love to play follow-the-trail-of-random-stuff-to-find-me game.

Welcome back to reality.

You are now faced with a  frightening realization that you need to be able to keep your house just the way it looks right now… because people will be visiting anytime, and sometimes with short notice.

Don’t panic. All your preparation is going to pay off if you maintain your home just the way it is and the inconvenience you are experiencing will be over soon.. when there is a SOLD sign on your front lawn.

So, the question is how will you be able to live comfortably in a staged home if you have a small home, pets and kids?

Here’s how to live in a staged home:

First off, make sure that these 3 post-staging tasks are covered:

  1. Take pictures of your home right after it was staged for a visual reference. How all the items are displayed creates a visual impact so make sure to take close photos of groupings as well as full house shots.
  2. Get the family involved. Assign rooms to each and write instructions on how to keep their respective areas tidy and clean.
  3. Create a daily checklist of chores and again, assign members of the family to help you out. This will help you keep up with people coming in and out of the house.

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Basically, there are only two major rules to follow:

#1 Live Clean


  • Use a splatter guard when cooking and try not to cook food that has strong, lingering odor until the house passed inspections and has been approved.
  • Don’t let dirty dishes stay exposed in the sink. Wash dishes immediately or put them in the dishwasher. Chances are, there might be people who want to pay a visit who are less than 5 minutes away.
  • Keep your sponges, scrubs, brushes, dish soap, etc. hidden in one place where you can easily grab them if you need them. Preferably under the sink.
  • Dirty clothes are not supposed to be on the floor. They belong to the hamper.
  • Make dusting and vacuuming a regular thing.
  • Always keep the bathroom and kitchen clean and dry after every use.
  • Always use coasters to prevent water stains!
  • Use Zep or Febreeze if you have pets. Keep these odor eliminators (whichever brand you prefer) handy to instantly refresh drapes, rugs, etc.

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#2 Live Tidy


  •  As soon as you get up in the morning, make the beds first. If you have small kids and they are not fond of doing this, create a fun game out of it. For example, reward your children with something they like if they manage to make their beds 7/week
  • Keep your towels dry and smelling clean by tossing them in the dryer and put them back on the bar folded nicely.
  • Make it a habit to put back newspapers, books, and magazines where they were placed by the home stager.
  • Keep large trash bags where you can throw stuff that collects around the house. Stow it in your trunk before you drive off when there is a showing.
  • Delegate special bins where your kids can put their toys, books, and clothes.
  • Pack prescription drugs in a grab-and-go-case if you need them before leaving the house.

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