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8 Simple Ways to a Clutter-free Life

I know the feeling of envy and frustration when you see clutter-free spaces in magazines or on the web and you think that your home will never look like that, when in fact it can!

But, really how can you possibly create a magazine feature-worthy home? The answer is simple and the secret lies in getting rid of huge amounts of stuff that you don’t need in your life. It’s all about freeing your space and styling your home according to the size of your space.

Here are 10 tips to a clutter-free home (and life!):

#1 Learn how to let go

From time to time, maybe once a month, or just a few times a year, scour your home for things that you don’t need, or those you think you need, but you don’t actually need. Easier said than done you might say, but we promise that this will make you feel so much lighter and your home will thank you for it.

#2 Put back things where you took them

Becoming a ‘putawayer’ is probably the most challenging part of trying to be clutter-free (especially for adults). Put that bottle opener in the drawer! Hang that dress you didn’t wear back in the closet! The secret in being a good putawayer is you just have to keep doing it until it becomes habitual.

#3 Live within your means

When it comes to home styling, ‘live within your means’ is a principle that tells you to let the size of your home to dictate how much stuff you can have. If you are aiming for a simpler, less cluttered life, make it a point to consider the size of the room before buying things. Make sure you have enough leg room so you can move around without tripping over an extra chair. Or, if you have a closet bursting at the seams, instead of buying a bigger one, why not get rid of the clothes you actually don’t wear?

#4 Have a place for everything

Having plenty of storage is essential in keeping stuff that you don’t want collecting on your kitchen sink, tables, and countertops. If you’re cabinets are already full, this is where plastic shoeboxes, clear box organizers, filing cabinets, or just a neat, large basket may come in handy.

#5 Create a junk drawer

You will always have those little things such as pens, hair ties, tape, pins and whatnot’s that get used a lot but don’t have really a logical place to go. This is where a junk drawer becomes helpful. Instead of figuring out where you’d throw each random item, you can just dedicate a place for these. But this drawer can still be organized.

#6 Stop the clutter before it comes in

You know those flyers, freebies, and ad materials they give out at the supermarket? Those can add up to the junk you already have. Set up a landing strip by the front door where you can put away these unnecessary items so you can stop clutter right there.

#7 Switch to paper-free

Another great tip is to paper-free your home office. Consider switching to paperless billing. Or use online apps like Evernote to save scanned documents so you’ll have less stuff to manage.

#8 Buy experiences, not things

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements that tell us to buy a new car, a coffee maker, or a new oven to make ourselves happy. When in fact, these are not the things that make us truly happy! It’s all about the experiences that we love the most. So, before you decide to buy more stuff, ask yourself if you’d rather go on a vacation or a dinner with old friends.

Start applying these tips in your everyday routine and you will gradually achieve what seems to be an impossible clutter-free life.

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