9 Frugal Ideas to Help Sell Your Home Fast


If you’re determined to sell your home fast, there are frugal home staging ideas that you can do right now. These ideas we will share with you are home staging tips that everyone can apply if they want to, on their own within a very limited time, without breaking the bank.

The goal here is to make your home look squeaky clean, big, and attractive for a faster sale in a matter of days.

Here are 9 inexpensive ways on how to stage your home fast and cheap.

#1 Paint walls in neutral tones

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Paint should be on top of your list because this helps you set the mood and theme of any given room. Use light, neutral colors that would be appealing to most. Neutral colors do not only make a room brighter, but also provides a blank canvas that a potential buyer can play with. You can hire someone to do this for you, but if you have the time and the skills, it’ll save you a few hundred dollars.

#2 Declutter and depersonalize

Get rid of your personal stuff. Allow home buyers to imagine themselves living in your house so our pro tip is to declutter your books, pictures, knickknacks, and anything else that is a personal reflection of you.

#3 Clean light bulbs and replace light fixtures

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Sometimes, you don’t have to replace your light bulbs at all. Try wiping the dust off first and see if they still have some of the brand-new type of brightness in them. However, it is also essential to make every corner of your home lighted, so light fixtures like table lamps, floor lamps, and even battery-operated candles are amazing additions to make the house look brighter.

#4 Dress the table

When staging, pay attention to your kitchen. It’s one of those rooms in the house that makes the sale. Is your table set? If not, you can do so….at the very least there should be an amazing centerpiece on the table. Otherwise, it will look boring and less interesting to look at.

#5 Add mirrors


This is another effective tip to make your home look larger. They don’t have to be really expensive. If you can only afford second hand, then by all means. Just make sure that they are in pristine condition and that they don’t have cracks in them.

#6 Transform your bathroom into a spa

We recommend buying solid white towels  and shower curtains. These are inexpensive and they can make a huge difference. See if you can also throw in a few luxury soaps, bath oils, and candles on the side of the tub or on top of the sink to capture that spa-like atmosphere.

#7 Keep furniture proportional to the room

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Too much furniture can overcrowd a room. It can make the space look smaller and hard to move around. When placing furniture, think minimalist.

#8 Clean like a madman

Clean, scrub, sweep, repeat! Then do it over again until it shines. Make the place sparkle! By maintaining a clean, staged house, buyers will notice that and they’ll be impressed to know that you take care of the place very well.

#9 Don’t forget the curb appeal

Most often than not, people tend to focus on the inside and forget that the first thing home buyers will see is the front yard. Make sure that it is cleaned and trimmed. Remove dead branches, replace withered plants, and add some decorative pots if you can.

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We like taking homes from pretty to perfect. We are a Kelowna home staging company and our goal is to maximize our customers’ investments. Like PrepThisHouse.com on Facebook for more home staging tips.

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