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The smartest, quickest, and most convenient way to give any room a new look is through the use of color. The ‘right color’ can instantly revitalize an interior, camouflage cosmetic imperfections, and minimize architectural flaws. Paint can dramatically change the ambiance of a room, create harmony within a décor, build illusion, and accent an interior with personal taste.

In this week’s blog post, we would like to share our 16 favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors. From the best whites, grey, taupes, yellows, reds and more!

Now, why Benjamin Moore? Some of you may like other brands that are affordable but we personally prefer BM paints. It’s what we normally use for our clients and believes that they are a good investment.

Here are our top picks:

#1 Chantily Lace

ben moore chantily laceimage source:

This white has a light hint of grey. It is crisp, clean and bright. It looks fresh against grey and is perfect for trim and cabinets.

# 2 White Dove

ben moore white doveimage source:

White dove has a faint yellow undertone and works so well with traditional furniture and gives off a beautiful gloss for trim. The warm and soft color is perfect for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bath.

#3 Linen White

ben moore linen white image source:

Linen white can make a room feel so clean yet cozy. It has a bit of warmness to it and not overly crisp. So classic!

#4 Edgecomb Gray

ben moore edgecomb greyimage source:

This soft, barely there type of grey is perfect for any room with lots of natural light. It compliments everything and works well with almost any color.

#5 Coventry Grey

ben moore coventry gray image source:


Coventry Gray can be used as a shy neutral or for a pop of color. It has blue undertones and the atmosphere it creates is incredibly relaxing. It is so modern and fresh.

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#6 Yarmouth Blue

ben moore yarmouth blue  image source:

Yarmouth blue is one of the best light blues out there. Paint your bathroom with it for that extra calming effect.

#7 Mannequin Cream

ben moore mannequin cream  image source:

This light, creamy yellow is ideal for spring. It’s not too yellow nor too pale to our liking. It feels so inviting and comforting.

#8 Mesquite

ben moore mequite image source:

Mesquite is a gray green color that works well in a country bedroom or modern when paired with darker shades of green or gray.

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#9 Narragansett Green

ben moore narragansett green

image source:

This is a color we are so in love with. Look how beautiful that cottage is! Nothing is more perfect than Narragansett Green for that lakeside cottage.

#10 Clay Beige

ben moore clay beige

image source:

This neutral beige has green and red undertones to it. Clay Beige looks perfect with browns and blues.


#11 Greenbrier Beige

ben moore greenbrier beige

image source:

If you want to work on a room with dark, wooden floor, try Greenbrier beige. We just love the warmth and gorgeousness it creates.

#12 Soft Marigold

ben moore soft marigold

image source:

Orange doesn’t have to be ‘popsicle orange’. Soft Marigold is that type of orange that can make any room looks romantic and sexy.

#13 Exotic Red

ben moore exotic red image source:

This is a deep, saturated red. Paint your kitchen chairs and cabinet with it for a playful vibe.

#14 Million Dollar Red


ben moore million dollar red  image source:

Another rich red variant that we adore is Million Dollar Red. It brings a sharp, sophisticated look and exudes a bold and a million-dollar-look to any room, hence the name.


#15 Razzle Dazzle

ben moore razzle dazzle

image source:

Oh, we love pink! And Razzle Dazzle is a show stopper. It can make any room fabulous, flirty and feminine.

#16 Blushing Bride

ben moore blushing pink

image source:

This Ben Moore pink, on the other hand, is so subtle and so soft on the eyes. Perfect for your crafts room, home office or nursery.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial for Benjamin Moore paint products. PTH picked the mentioned paint colors in this blog post according to the team’s experience and personal preferences.

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8 mistakes to avoid at your open house

It’s a tough market. Many sellers go the extra mile to show buyers that they will get the best bang out of their buck. Professional home staging and effective advertising are the most common investments often used, but  efforts shouldn’t stop there.

There are some things that you should be aware of before your open house.  These are  common open house mistakes that can dash home sellers hopes for a successful showing.

Below are 8 open house mistakes that you should avoid:

#1 Unprofessional agent on duty

Having a professional agent by your side is something you shouldn’t take for granted. Make sure that your agent and his team are doing what they are supposed to do. He/ She shouldn’t be busier texting than answering questions that potentials buyers might raise.

#2 Hovering

“Nothing scares off buyers faster than getting cornered by a desperate seller”, says Elizabeth Weintraub, a realtor with Lyon Estate in Sacramento, California.

It’s true. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you feel if a seller just won’t get out of your way. It is good to give buyers specific property information but you should also let them look through the house themselves.

#3 Absence of marketing materials

call me note

Running out of copies is not an excuse. Every buyer who walks through your door must take home an info packet. If not, you won’t be remembered. Your chance of getting shortlisted is minimal.

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#4 Music

Music is rather distracting than pleasing. Your visitors might think that you may be covering up terrible road noise or neighbour noise.

#5 Strong or unpleasant odors

In reality, you only got one opportunity to make a first impression and if that first impression is an overwhelming smell, you will ruin it.   The day before the open house, try not to use bleach or any cleaning agent that has a strong smell. Tone down on the air fresheners as well as it may raise questions about what you are hiding.

#6 Leaving jewellery and other valuables unattended

Remember that many people, practically strangers, will go in and out of your house and you don’t want to tempt their honesty. You don’t want to poison the deal when something precious goes missing and everybody’s a suspect.

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# 7 Setting the wrong temperature

Temperature might seem a little insignificant but it isn’t. It will keep your guests comfortable while taking a tour. The rule is pretty simple. Your house should be warm but not hot in the winter and cool but not cold in the summer months.

#8 Pets on the loose

Litter boxes are the number one turn-offs for buyers. Letting your pets loose during your open house can cost you a sale. Best to keep your pets away while your open house is on-going.

Remember that there is no such thing as second impression. You’ve only got one chance so don’t blow it.


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If you will search the web using keywords such as “what to expect from a home stager”, or “advantages of hiring home staging services”, you’ll probably end up with hundreds, if not thousands of articles talking about the benefits of hiring a home stager.

The things is, some people tend to think that home stagers are supernatural beings from Middle Earth who can whip up some magic and turn an empty house into a 5-star hotel suite without them lifting a finger.

Yes, we can do wonders! But our powers are limited at some point.

For this week’s blog post, we want to tackle a topic that some service providers fail to elaborate on in their company websites or blogs.

At Prep This House, we value transparency and we don’t like our customers to assume that our team will cover everything for them.

So, what are the things that a professional home stager WON’T do for you?

#1  Recommend major renovations  (except when the house has not been maintained and it calls for it)

Home staging addresses many issues but it doesn’t include major home renovations such as extending one’s house by adding rooms, like an extra bedroom or bathroom. However, if you have a vacant room, we would suggest converting that into a functional space, taking the guess work out of the equation for buyers.

 Major home improvements that are better handled by the owners:

  • Deck or Patio repair
  • Upgrading plumbing and electrical systems
  • Updating of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Concrete and masonry repairs to the foundation and chimney
  • Roof tear-off and replacement

#2 Cover up issues within a home

A professional home stager won’t cover for you if you happen to have faulty electrical systems or plumbing issues or your flooring needs to be repaired, especially if  that may cause harm to future owners. That’s it. Plain and simple.

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#3 Ignore maintenance issues that a home has

While a home stager won’t cover for you, it is part of the job to inform clients about existing problems that needs to be taken care of.

If you have problems with retaining walls or other exterior issues or  interior repair works that needs to be done, we strongly suggest these get fixed and not to be left for the new home owners.

Because in reality, honesty and transparency help homes sell faster and in every project, there is some “pre work” involved. Clients must understand that the more they are committed to selling a home, the more that they need to listen for what works and acknowledge what is required from them.


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