Decorate a Coffee Table with Style

Decorate a Coffee Table with Style

Whether your coffee table is a DIY project thrift store find, a pair of Ikea end tables, or the statement piece you splurged on, it’s worth taking the time to decorate and style like you would any other area of your home.

Here are 5 tips to decorate a coffee table with style….armchair

Start with a Tray

Large coffee tables “don’t feel so massive when you layer on a tray. It breaks up the surface.

Vary the Height

It makes for an inviting focal point, and draws you into a room to have a look. Be sure to never exceed the height of the sofa.

Add Something Organic

When we are considering how to decorate a coffee table in a vacant property, we wont use any real plant material. But we do use silk plants, and faux fruit.

Use Books

Using books to style your coffee table isn’t exactly original, but nothing else speaks to a target buyer quite so quickly. If the house has a beautiful yard, you want great garden books. If there’s land for horses, a book of horses underscores the point; the same with boating and /or fishing if there’s a river or lake nearby or use a few large, pretty art books to make a stack, and top it off with something decorative.

white love seat sofa with silver sequined pillows


Strive For Balance

The easiest way to balance is to have matching lamps on the side tables and a few simple, larger items on the coffee table. Artfully arranged, anything can become a thing of beauty.


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