Easy Ways to Freshen Tired Grout

Though hard as a rock, grout, the mortar-like substance that frames your tiles, requires a little maintenance from time to time. In spite of its hardness, it is porous and is susceptible to stains. These joints also collect dirt and debris. Most often, cleaning the grout lines along with regular cleaning is enough.
However there are times, though, when special steps to fix tired looking grout should be carried out. Dirty groutindex can make tiled surfaces look unsightly. One easy way to do this can be with Magic Erasers that you can pick up really cheap at the Dollar Store. Use those Magic Erasers on the clean grout between your tiles, without much too much elbow grease at all, the grout comes clean. It is like magic.

One eraser cleaner lasted long enough, after dipping it in water to clean it out, to clean about 15-20 ceramic tiles and the grout in between, I picked up three Magic Erasers in a bundle for less than $2.00.

grout-paint-and-sealerAnother option is Grout Paint found at Home Depot or Rona. You use a small brush to paint it on (you don’t have to avoid getting it on the tiles), then immediately use a dry cloth to wipe over it, wiping the tiles, not the grout. It was fast and easy and works great. The paint can also be used on kitchen counter tops and walls and in shower stalls. It is very durable and will hold up to frequent cleaning. It comes in several colors.
Since not all grout is white, the cleaning techniques used on colored grouts should be selected with care as whitening grout would cause these specialty grouts to lose their color as well. Bleaching agents (like chlorine bleach) can discolor and harm the colored grout. Fortunately, oxygenated bleach does not contain corrosive chemicals and is safe to use on all grout.

It’s those little improvements to bathrooms that can bring a big return on investment when it comes time to resell your property!

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