Marketing your Home for Sale!

HOME STAGING- Marketing Your Home for Sale

Real Estate marketing has a new weapon it its arsenal! It is called Home Staging. The old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression is especially true when it comes to real estate. In today’s competitive market, many homeowners are wondering what they can do to ensure that their home stands from among the growing number of houses for sale. The answer is “Home Staging”. 

People imagine they can look past ugly decor or empty rooms and see ‘potential’, but usually they can’t! That’s why successful builders use Show Homes to sell their projects.

People start house hunting with a logical list of “requirements”, but the home they actually buy is chosen largely for emotional reasons. The principal aim in a home staging project is to allow potential buyers to walk into the house and have that “This is it! This is home!” feeling.  Once they can say, “I love it,” they are willing to look past some of the criteria they had on their list before they walked in the door. That’s why it is critical to pay attention to even the smallest detail when staging a home to sell.

When it comes to listing a house, Real Estate agents know there are so many factors which affect the sale of a house, beyond location and price.  The primary one is condition–and condition is most often managed by the seller – and therein lies the problem.  This is where really well defined communication skills are important.

Be Honest – Would you tell her?

Your house is not  clean or it’s not in selling condition

It is cluttered or the décor is outdated.

Even when the owner isn’t elderly it is sometimes very difficult for agents to discuss condition during the listing process.  This very conundrum often results in a less than pristine property being listed.

Savvy Realtors turn to Professional Home Stagers to stage their listings to ensure they sell quickly and for top dollar. Some believes that staging should be a crucial and effective step in the sale of property. This in turn will get you the highest possible price for your home in the shortest period of time. A satisfied Home staging client commented ” I did not really know what home staging was, so I was shocked and surprised to see the drastic change it made in my home.   “We had a very time sensitive offer on our dream home so selling the house was a priority.  Home Staging was definitely a positive solution for us!”


Staging Works!

Use a Stager, SELL a HOUSE