Prep Your Home for Changing Weather Conditions

Home staging takes careful planning and preparation on key areas such as decor, themes, space maximization, colour combinations and other essential aspects in designing a home for a sale.

If you are selling your home, you probably already have a list of lighting fixtures that need to be  upgraded, accessories to buy, DIY storage ideas to construct and a cleaning schedule to make every surface in your home squeaky clean.

While those mentioned tasks are obviously important, there is more to home staging than making your house look nice.

There will always be factors and circumstances that are beyond our control that you should also take in consideration.

For instance – changing weather conditions. Weather is just something we have deal with because we obviously simply don’t have control over it. Depending on where you live, climate can be mild and temperate throughout the year or it may be volatile and change frequently .

If you live in a country where you regularly experience changing or harsh weather conditions, it is important to make your house resistant because this will have an impact on the longevity of your exterior and interior home design.

Besides, the durability of a home structure is also a major selling point so it is important to go the extra mile to make sure that this crucial area is covered.

Below are some great tips:

Install weatherproof doors and weather-resistant windows

If you live in an area with frequent storms and strong winds, it is a must to update your doors and windows to withstand these phenomenons. Weatherproof doors and windows add value to your overall property and are proven attractive to buyers. Tip: Include this in your listing to inform home shoppers that your house is a great investment.

Invest in waterproof outdoor and indoor rugs, sturdy carpets, and metal furniture

If you have a big patio and you want to make it functional, invest in metal furniture that will not get worn off by strong rains. Also, if you live in area with torrential rains in the winter, it is advisable to splurge on good quality mud-proof rugs that you can easily get at local home improvement stores.

Keep the air conditioning and heating system in check

Climate control is crucial in a comfortable and stress-free living. If your heating and/or cooling equipment has issues, get these fixed ASAP before the showing. A malfunctioning heater or air con can shoo away potential buyers. Tip: When picking a new one, go for energy efficient brands because they are designed to save electricity, which means lower electric bill.

Plan ahead for weather changes

Before or during months when there is higher precipitation rates, make sure that your windows are intact to prevent water leakage (that can ruin your carpet!). If you have overgrown branches, make sure to trim those too prevent any damage to your exterior property.


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