Spaces that Appeal to All Members of the Family



Angela is planning a major home redesign next month, in time for spring and, hopefully, to usher in the warmer weather with a fresher, more visually appealing ambiance. Her main dilemma, however, has always been trying to come up with an interior space those appeals to all members of her family. With her husband, two daughters, and a son, Angela needed to plan a home update that is very unisex and relatable to both male and female persuasions.


This early, Angela has already discussed plans and preferences with her husband and their kids, trying to collate their various tastes and styles. Combining and complementing the different textures and styles is a major part of her task ahead, but Angela has also made use of different resources that help her to conceptualize a and neutral home design effort.





The main idea behind Angela’s home update planning will be the color combinations. She is pairing up traditionally masculine colors, such as dark green, brown, and grey, with shades of pastel and a splattering of patterns and textures that play down the main color while accommodating the infusion of variety. Meanwhile, she is also considering utilizing the more feminine colors such as purple, pink, and yellow side-by-side with solid wood and brass fixtures, contrasting the elements for an interesting visual impact.


His and Her’s spaces


Men and women enjoy many of the same things, so Angela is designing interior nooks and spaces that appeal to prep12both, such as reading corners by the windows (featuring leather and satin furniture), coffee tables and board game tables (mixing wood and metal elements), and a home entertainment centre that has both the modern large screen TVs and speakers, as well as scented candle sets, and colourful couch pillows and throws. 

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