What to do with Unused Space…

Unless a home has been designed by the homeowners, most have dilemmas about the functionality of rooms.  In most homes, I find there are rooms that often go unused for most of the year.  Here are some decorating suggestions of what to do with your unused space….

Why not turn the dining room into a library by adding bookcases. Rows of books make an impressive backdrop and encourage interesting dinner conversation. As excellent space savers, not only do bookshelves provide premium storage space for books, but they also offer a handsome setting for china, crystal and other curios.  Or you could change the conventional dining room into a cozy retreat where the husband could have his friends over for some quality guy time.  I recommended a pub table and stools, a couple of comfortable leather chairs, a dart board and a small TV.

Create different use areas in a room, so that more than one activity can take place at a time. This gives you more opportunities to be together as a family, and just requires some rearranging and creativity, not bucks! Perhaps you can set up a small table and two chairs in an unused corner for a game table, sneak an unused easy chair into the room for someone to read, pick up a couple of bar stools at a yard sale to add to the kitchen counter. Store placemats in drawers to turn the coffee table into a quick dining area, and make sure there are a couple of floor pillows for impromptu movie night….