3 Tips for Staging Large Homes

For many homeowners wanting to sell their homes, the focus of home staging efforts is on maximizing space in order to make the area look more spacious. But for other homeowners, specifically with larger homes, they actually need to make the home feel warm and inviting through techniques for staging large homes.

Depending on your general location, there may be a stronger or lesser demand for oversized houses, but there will always be homeKelowna Home Staging buyers looking for a larger space for various reasons. They may have a growing family and are looking for a house that can accommodate their children, or they may just want a space that is big enough for events, parties, and get-togethers with family and friends.

Your large, spacious home will be more attractive and marketable to potential buyers if you apply home staging strategies that play to the home’s strengths and show off its many possible uses, while also keeping the rooms and areas cozy and intimate enough to make the clients feel right at home.

  • Furniture groupings are perfect for large rooms. A large living room will feel empty and cold if the entire space is decorated as one gigantic area. Instead, group furniture arrangements into smaller segments, creating two living rooms instead of one; better yet, a multi-purpose arrangement can be achieved, such as a living room and a home office space.
  • Create focal points throughout the home. A focal point helps the home buyer to feel a sense of direction when they tour the home, lessening the feeling of getting lost or overwhelmed especially in a particularly large house. For instance, if there is a fireplace in a sitting room, arrange furniture around it and make it the centre or anchor, drawing their attention and helping your potential buyers visualize the time they will spend with their family gathered around the fireplace.
  • Plants and unexpected home décor can add character to a large house. To make the home feel less overwhelming and more alive, use real plants and flower arrangements in selected places around the house. Vintage accessories such as table lamps, light fixtures, art, or vases can add touches of charm throughout the area.

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