4 Things You Never Thought to Frame

When we think about adding art to the walls in our home, we immediately imagine paintings, prints, and photographs. It’s no doubt that we all wish that we had the kind of disposable income that allowed us to walk into our favorite art gallery and buy the work right off the walls, but the reality is, sometimes you just need to work with what we already have! And sometimes, those things we already have laying around at home could be the most beautiful conversation piece in your home.

If we take a minute to think about what framed art really is, we would see that there is so much more that can be put in a frame. Look outside the box—or the frame—to see what’s right under your nose that you can turn into art.

Sentimental Vacation Souvenirs

Just came back from Mexico? Perfect! Grab that shell or those pebbles you brought back with you and throw them in a frame! I bet you didn’t know you could use wood and pebbles for a simple piece of art. The ones in the picture are framed in Ikea Ribba Frames. Simply mount them to a painted board with glue or epoxy, then slip into a frame or deeper shadowbox. If you choose materials from a vacation, you’ll be able to reminisce every time you walk by.



Magazine Covers & Newspapers

Magazine pages, newspapers, and advertisements are often full of vibrant art that can give your walls a niche style. Whether it’s a vintage issue or something new from your mailbox, look for colors and subjects you love. Your favorite artist made it on the cover? Frame it! Your child was in this month’s newspaper edition? Frame it! These are memories that you can keep forever in your home.



Maps are not just practical pieces of paper. Filled with vibrant color and visual texture, they also make for a compelling focal point. A map with X’s of all the places you’ve been makes these pieces even more sentimental for a little personal touch!



While in Homesense not too long ago, I came across a piece of art which was a necklace that had been placed in a shadow box frame. What a cool idea! Those beautiful old pieces from your great-great-grandmother would look great in a shadow frame box, don’t you think!?

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