4 Ways to Refresh Your Room

Have you ever wanted to redecorate your room, but did not know where to begin? Sometimes, just the thought painting and starting over can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, you don’t even need to paint at all! Simply adding that pop of color to your room is the perfect and refreshing fix! There are many options that can create a touch of colour that go a long way in improving your room’s visual effect and appeal. Whether you want to redecorate or sell, use the following tips as a guide. Yes, it’s true – colour enhancement can be accomplished without painting a single thing!


1. Artwork

One way for a quick color fix is to hang artwork above a sofa, on top of a fire furnace, or hung on a feature wall. It instantly fills the wall and gives the home…a home feeling. When placing your artwork above the fireplace, a quick tip to determine size is to use the size of the fireplace opening as the model for the size of your artwork. Optionally, when you intend to hang it over your furniture, art size must not be broader than the measurement of your furniture. In general, artwork needs to be 75% of the width of your furniture.

how to refresh your bedroom with artwork


2. Pieces of Furniture

There are limitless alternatives for pieces of fabric furniture. If you want, you can use a colour for your long-sized furniture like a sofa. If it can’t be done to big furniture, introduce a colour through the smaller pieces of furniture like ottomans, accent chairs or a special table. Imagine a room with white couches, carpet, and walls – but with a touch of some soft pink decorative pillows, an ottoman and a throw. Cozy, right?

pop of color in a room, orange, refresh


3. Rugs

With the right choice of rug, the color element can tie an entire room together. A contrasting colour can be chosen from the fabric you use inside the room. Or, you can find one with an appealing pattern that matches the theme of your space. Nothing connects a room better than a nice rug. Here’s the tip: in terms of rug size, the larger it is the better. Nothing can reduce the size of the room quicker than having like a “small postage stamp” on the seating area. So make the rug size big enough.

4. Accessories

Dazzling vases, eye-grabbing accessories and colourful lamps will breathe color to any space. Use matching wall art or picture frames to highlight a color scheme, including vases, candles and colourful lampshades.

When it’s time to sell your home, it’s best to focus on neutral colors. Whether you want to sell your house or to just spruce up your pad, a dash of color is helpful in cheering up your home. Hands down, your house will be more appealing and irresistible in the eyes of your prospective buyers.

artwork, vases, greenery, side tables home decor

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