5 Hot Trends That Can Increase Your Home’s WOW Factor

The primary audience for home staging is, of course, your potential home buyers. These prospective buyers are interested in moving in to your neighborhood and finding their own slice of home in your location. It is important to remember, that while it is quite impossible to please everyone with your home staging efforts, you can create an ambiance or look that appeals to the broadest target market of buyers that your property is most likely to attract, and knowing hot trends in home design would be helpful in this regard.

Trends in home design and staging vary every year, and being aware of the latest innovations and trends can help you figure out a staging strategy that would be most effective for the type of clientele you are looking to communicate to. Here are some design trends that are currently hot among interior design experts and professional home stagers.

Smart, automated controls. The home of the future can be controlled, monitored, and systemized using technology and automated settings. High-tech automated systems for controlling electricity, lighting, temperature, security, and more have become more affordable for homeowners. If you have these systems in place at your home, make sure they are working properly and highlighted during open house.

prep63Outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms. Homeowners are looking for more spaces for outdoor entertaining and hanging out. Outdoor kitchen areas can be as simple as a BBQ grill or as complex as an actual cooking station with a sink, storage, oven, and countertops.

Entertainment centers. Families are choosing to travel less in order to save money, and are turning to staycations and home theaters to entertain themselves. Home theater systems, plush seating, state-of-the-art sound systems, and a comfortable, homey media center feel are particularly attractive to many home buyers. You do not have to splurge too much on a home entertainment system; just recreating the “look” or using props can send the idea effectively.

Multipurpose or double-duty furniture. Today’s consumers have placed more priority on cost-effective furnishings and home accessories. Furniture items that combine form and function are very popular and also save space, and they are particularly effective for staging smaller spaces such as apartments, townhouses, and condos.prep64

Sustainable and efficient. The focus on environment-friendly and energy-efficient home accessories and designs continues among home buyers. Choose toilets and sinks with low-water level use, or insulation and air conditioning systems that are more efficient and save energy. Even paint and flooring choices can be greener and more earth-friendly.

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