5 Reasons Why Realtors Want You to Stage Your Home!

5 Reasons Why Realtors Want You to Stage Your Home!

Realtors have considerable ongoing expenses with no money coming in until a deal closes. Without this positive cash flow, really why would they want to spend money on home staging services when they won’t get it back for many months, if at all? So why are they asking you the home seller to spend money on Home Staging?

However here are  5 reasons why Top Selling Realtors recommend Home Staging services to their clients…

  1.  Home staging will make it easier for them  to market and sell your property because your MLS listing will be 100% more enticing.
  2.  With 90% of Canadian home buyers searching online before ever calling a Real Estate Agent, Realtors can attract more leads with better marketing  photos.
  3. A Home Stager can address  any problems head on and tell home sellers the things Realtors don’t want to say for fear of losing a listing.
  4. Home Staging is a service Realtors can recommend to home sellers as a faster way to sell a home for more money in their local market.
  5. Sellers  don’t want to hear a Realtor recommend a $10,000, $20,000 or $50,000 price reduction because that’s money right out of your pocket. Home staging services can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a consultation up to several thousand dollars to fully furnish a large or very high-end home. In every case, the cost to a client will be significantly less than the price reduction.

Just small changes can make a big difference.  In this home, we changed out the dining table set for one that was in the kitchen.  The glass topped set was too cramped in the kitchen, making the space look small.  Here in its new space, we really get to see the features that this dining room has to offer.. Which is the WHOLE idea behind Home Staging!

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