5 Tips – Get More From Your Home’s Accents

Learning how to rearrange your home accents, can be the difference between boring and the  brilliant use of accessories!

  1. Houseplants? – You don”t usually find plants in their natural setting hanging in the aprepthishouse.comir – but rather grounded to something.  So instead of hanging plants from the ceiling, why not place them on the floor, counter top or ledge, where they will look more natural.  Houseplants look great grouped together in a lush arrangement instead of scattered throughout the house.
  2. Throw Pillows! – Never underestimate the power of a throw pillow. With a very small amount of fabric you can create amazing, eye catching and inexpensive throw pillows!  Instead of placing pillows at each end of the sofa, mix it up a bit by clustering them together at one end.  Will make your sofa much more interesting and inviting.
  3. Odd is Even Better – Odd numbers of objects draw more attention then even numbers.  When you display your collections or accessories in groups of 3 or 5, you will find them more appealing to the eye!
  4. Blah Mantel?  Do you make the mistake of placing matching candlesticks, plants or other objects on either end of your mantel?  The result is often a very boring and stiff looking mantel.  Try again clustering groups of items together or forming a peak with some of your accessories.Prep This House
  5. Mirror Mistakes – One of the most common faux pas with mirrors is hanging them in an inappropriate place.  Mirrors should reflect light, a nice scene or open up a long narrow space.  Generally a mirror should not be hung over a fireplace, as it only reflects the ceiling and does nothing to add interest or colour to a space.  A good place for a mirror is usually across from a window, so it can bring in more light or reflect a beautiful view.

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