Here’s a list of ideas for you to create your own headboard.

Buy a blank canvas and cover it in your fabric. So easy to buy your favorite fabric and staple it to the wood frame on the canvas.

Buy a sheet of MDF, cut out a shape, pad it, and upholster it. Make sure you know how wide your bed is and mark it off on the board. From there, sketch out what you want your headboard to look like and cut it out. Get some batting and fabric, assemble and staple it to the back.

Use a salvaged mantel as a headboard. You hang it high enough on the wall, so you don’t knock yourself out, and underneath it, you will need to add two to three large pillows to balance the weight from the look of the mantel.

Buy a brand new 6-panel door and turn it on its side. Paint it whatever color you want and then scuff it with some sandpaper for an aged appearance.

Build Boxes to hold decorative tiles on the wall. You could buy decorative floor tiles in 12 x 12 or 18 x 18 and build boxes that frame the tiles and have a cleat to hang on the wall. Arrange as a grid on the wall.

Hang drapes from the ceiling. If you hang them from ceiling to floor and just behind your bed, you will have created a dramatic look.

Paint a stripe on your wall. Make the strip as wide as your bed and paint it from the ceiling to the floor.

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