8 Awful Real Estate Ads (And Lessons They Can Teach You)

8 awful real estate ads and lessons you can learn from them

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 90% of home buyers are using the internet to look for prospect listings and 40% of those who already bought first saw the house listed online. This tells us that most home buyers are browsing internet property listings before doing the legwork.

But it seems like not everybody got the memo.

Perhaps, most of the most awful photos are found on the lower end of the market where budget is limited and sometimes, lazy listing agents would choose to use their cell phone cameras to take photos instead of hiring professional photographers.

We scoured the web to give you a short list of cringe-worthy, real estate listings that could make anyone frown. Let us know if there’s any you know that we’ve missed!

#1 Let there be light

MLS photo poorly lit room

Price tag: $151, 900.00

Thorold, Ontario

What’s more uninviting than a messy and dark room? In this photo, you can see that the bed is unmade, there’s trash scattered on the floor, curtain is all wind up, and seemingly empty bottles of all sorts are displayed on top of the TV, which give this space quite a not-so-likeable character.

Home staging tip: In our experience, even small rooms can look attractive. The basic steps would be to declutter, tidy up, and remove unnecessary objects from the room. It will also help if you can install additional lighting for a cozy effect.

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#2 The classic owner-pet cameo

MLS photo home owner and pet in the photo

Price tag: $152, 000.00

Lindsay, Ontario

You’ve seen it many times and it seems like it’s here to stay! But we hope not. You see, when you take photos of your home, you want your prospect buyers to envision themselves living in your home and that would be hard if you are in the photo.

Home staging tip: Stay away from the camera!

#3  The agent-photographer in the photo too?!

bad MLS photo photographer caught in mirror reflection

Price tag: $ 154, 700.00

Richmond, PE

This usually happens when the owner/agent/photographer shoots photos and is caught in the mirror reflection. For others, this is no big deal, but for people looking at your listing, this is rather distracting.

Home staging tip: Consider hiring a professional photographer or a home stager for a more professional looking photos.

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#4 Is that a power tool on the bedside table?

bad MLS photo weird stuff

Price tag: $ 154, 700.00

Clinton, Ontario

Yeah, it seems like there’s a drill sitting proudly atop the bedside table. Now, that is really funny.

Home staging tip: Make sure to put things where they belong! You don’t want your listing to look unprofessional.

#5 The ultimate blurred MLS photo!

bad MLS photo blurred photo

Price tag: $104, 700.00

Rivers, MB

We’ve seen a lot like this, but this one really got us depressed. Why would anyone bother posting such? And oh, did you notice the black thing (or shadow? Not sure!) on the right? It looks downright creepy!

Home staging tip: Our advice is to check your photos before uploading and delete blurred photos because they can ruin a good listing.

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# 6 Another unforgivable case of misplaced objects

bad MLS photo chair in bath tub

Price tag: $104, 900.00

Moncton, New Brunswick

This looks like a nice bathroom if you’ll ask me, but the chair ruined it! Whoever took this photo didn’t miss that piece of furniture in the bath tub.

Home staging tip: Don’t be lazy.

#7 No need to show us your favorite TV show

bad MLS photo watching TV

Price tag: $105, 000.00

Meritt, British Columbia

If you are a home seller, allowing people to appreciate your house’s best features would be the priority. Don’t encourage them to figure out what show was on.

Home staging tip: Turn off the TV.

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#8 Nice car!

bad MLS photo car parked at the front yard

Price tag: $50, 000.00

Sainte-Anne-du-Sault, Quebec

In this “mug shot” house photo, you can clearly see objects in the frame that are not supposed to be there. We don’t need to know what model you are driving.

Home staging tip: The home and the landscape should fill up the frame.

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