A Good Picture Is Worth A Thousand Buyers!

Is this a good picture, and does this picture entice buyers to come and see this property? 

How is this considered marketing?

There is a huge difference in the quality of photos taken by a professional, and the quality of photos taken by today’s Realtors on their iPhone.

What if you didn’t pay a professional home inspector to inspect a property and you just did it yourself?

Imagine a seller, a Realtor, or both who decide that in lieu of hiring a reputable PROFESSIONAL to inspect the property, they’re going to ask their friend Jethro instead.

Jethro, like, totally knows a lot about houses and stuff.  He has amazing eyesight and can spot road kill like George Costanza spots raccoons!

So forget about paying a professional home inspector  – just have Jethro photocopy an old inspection, use lots of white-out, and fill in the data himself.

Does that sound like a good idea?

NOT!!! There are serious legal and financial hazards in not doing a proper home inspection, but both ways are cutting corners for what “should” take place in a complete listing process.

Since over 90%  of home buyers are searching online for their next home… there is no way you will get people in the door of the property if they don’t like what it looks like when first viewing online!

If you’re a seller, and you’re about to sign a listing, ask your Realtor, “Who are you hiring to take the photos?”  If your Realtor doesn’t throw out a name quickly, then he or she doesn’t know the first thing about marketing.

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