A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words means a picture may convey an idea quickly and more effectively than the written word!

So its really not a secret that listing photos can make or break a home’s selling potential. After all, first impressions matter, and these listing photos (for better or worse) often provide the first impression of your property to home buyers. Unfortunately, if a home buyer doesn’t like what they see, they’re not likely to ever step foot inside the home for a showing.

Prep This House Interiors - Kitchen
Love this kitchen

Try to follow the steps listed below to get the best photos of your home:

  • When photographing your home, remove all personal items such as family pictures, sports memorabilia, books on political or religious topics and collectibles.
  • Entry ways and hallways should be clear. Make sure that nothing is blocking doors, such as shoes, coats, toys and other clutter. Hallways should be free of obstructions; even a spacious hallway will look crowded if there are things blocking it.
  • Natural light and artificial lighting make a room appear warm, inviting, and inhabitable.
  • Clear the kitchen area. Dishes, silverware, pots and pans should be kept out of sight or neatly organized in their proper places. Any rags or towels should be removed.
  • Before taking pictures, look at all the reflective objects in your home and be sure to clean them thoroughly. Dust, dirt, or streaks from poor cleaning can easily show up in the photographs. Prep This House Interiors

Remember, good photos posted on the internet or in print advertising are an important factor in selling!  Don’t cut corners when it comes to photos. Which means, don’t expect great pictures out of a cell phone, or disposable camera, no matter what the commercial tells you!


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