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Kym Wowk

Kym has been proudly serving homeowners, real estate agents and property developers for over 25 years. Born in the UK and raised in Canada, Kym has been passionate about interior design since childhood! Falling in love with rearranging and decorating her own home almost on a weekly basis!

She has blazed a trail in the industry by combining experience, creativity and technical skills in every project she works on. Backed by a successful career as an Interior Designer, Certified True Colour Expert and Professional Real Estate Stager, her expertise has been sought after throughout Western Canada. She founded her company in 2006 and truly loves helping her clients create beautiful comfortable spaces.

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Raise your hand if you’re tired of wasting your weekends trying to pull together a look you saw on Pinterest, only to end up tired, frustrated, and unhappy with the results.

…we totally get it.

Prep This House Interiors has been helping homeowners, property developers, real estate agents and home builders with visually pleasing, Instagram-worthy interior styling and home staging services since 2006.

As homeowners ourselves, we understand the overwhelming frustration that can come from unfinished projects or living in a space that feels out-of-sorts with your energy!

While social media might want you to believe that revamping your home or apartment is as simple as following a couple of tutorials, the truth is, it can be tremendously complicated.

We help our clients say goodbye to their Weekend Warrior status by providing knowledgeable and affordable interior styling services that will dazzle and impress. Utilizing a collaborative approach in developing an authentic aesthetic for each of our clients, we pride ourselves on creating a real ‘wow’ factor that is sure to thrill.


“Love the Home your In!"

The Prep This House Team draws on our many years of professional experience to meet the unique needs of each client. We aspire to convey the sense of passion we feel for our craft to our clients through our work each day!


Award Winning Interior Styling Company

At the heart of Prep This House Interiors is their vision …To be the Interior Styling Company most admired for its people, partnerships and performance.


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