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Kym Wowk

Meet Kym, the creative force behind more stylish homes than you can shake a paint swatch at. For over two decades, she's been sprinkling her special blend of design magic, high-fiving satisfied homeowners and sellers along the way. Originally from the UK, Kym decided to swap tea and crumpets for maple syrup, firmly planting herself in the heart of Canada..

But, let's talk interior design, Kym isn't just a designer; she's practically a design superhero. With over 25 years of experience, she's seen it all, from avocado-colored bathroom to shag carpets making a comeback (briefly). She's not just riding the design wave; she's the one creating it.

Kym's list of credentials is longer than the line at a trendy coffee shop during pumpkin spice season. She's not just an Interior Designer; she's an Interior Designer extraordinaire. Certified True Colour Expert? Check. Seasoned Professional Real Estate Stager? Double check..

So, whether you're a homeowner looking to transform your space or a seller aiming to make your property shine brighter than a disco ball, Kym's got your back. With her, it's not just about design; it's about creating a home that's as comfortable as your favorite PJ's and as beautiful as a sunset over the Rockies.


Why Virtual Interior Design..

We are all about crafting spaces that are as cozy as your beloved hoodie – you know, the one you never want to take off. And here's the deal – designing your space shouldn't be like solving a secret code or putting together IKEA furniture without the instructions. It's meant to be a good time, not a headache...

That's why we've created a place where creativity and tech high-five each other, giving your style the spotlight it deserves. We're not just a bunch of design enthusiasts; think of us as your virtual design pals, ready to turn your place into a colorful, comfy haven!

Benefits of Virtual Design Services

* Affordable Options: Virtual interior design makes it easy to avoid in-person meetings and traditional design costs, offering a wallet-friendly alternative.

* Time Management: With virtual interior design, designers and clients can chat in a breeze and make decisions super easily. It just makes the whole process way simpler!.

*Easy Access Worldwide: Virtual interior design is awesome because it lets us team up and chat without having to meet up in person. Super handy for folks with jam-packed schedules or those living all over the place!

Ever wanted to bring your dreams to life? Our design studio is where the magic happens! We've got a mix of skills and creativity, all powered by the coolest virtual design tools. Don't hesitate – just click, and your dream space is right there waiting for you!


Transforming Spaces – Where Design Meets Comfort

At Style This House, our commitment lies in turning your dreams into a reality, creating a living space that is both tangible and harmonious. Enjoy the seamless fusion of professionalism and innovation as we harness the power of virtual design to effortlessly bring your vision to life.


Award-winning Interior Styling Company. Style This House is a reputable Interior Styling Company that aims to build strong relationships with our clients. We take pride in our work and strive to ensure that our designs are nothing short of being exceptional.


What Our Clients Say

Style This House , for us was excellent. Kym is very experienced, quick, listens, provides options and is great value for her time. She helped us choose paint colors, flooring, lighting and faucets.
Barb A.
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