Achieving A “Lived In” Vibe In Home Staging

In staging any home, a balance must always be achieved between designing a space that is neat, professional and ready to sell yet without seeming too perfect, contrived, and immaculate to the potential home buyer. Some realtors feel that while home buyers do appreciate looking at properties that are clean and presentable, some of them are also intimidated or turned off by homes that look too much like model homes or something right of the pages of a magazine. So much so, that they cannot see themselves in the space.

Now, this doesn’t mean that home staging is no longer necessary! Keep in mind that staging is done not only to make the home presentable and marketable to potential buyers, but also to allow them to easily visualize their family living in your home. Home staging takes care of creating a neutral and appealing property to as many clients as possible. In this regard, various techniques for décor and visual appeal are utilized, but what home sellers need to be careful of is sometimes removing too much. This can leave the home looking cold and detached, instead of having a comfortable “lived-in” vibe.

Experiment with shapes, colors, arrangements

Contrast and the right oddities can instantly break the monotony of any area of your home and give it a touch of home comfort. For example, if you have a minimalist or modern ambiance, this can feel too unnatural or impersonal, but throw in a couple of brightly-colored pillows, a vintage table lamp, or a retro-inspired coffee table somewhere in the mix, and the contrast can set the viewer at ease.

Furniture doesn’t always have to line up perfectly. A chair that looks a little out of place, or a living room arrangement with just the right tinge of contrast in style and color, can change the tone and feel an interior. Instead of the usual stools for your kitchen counter area, how about bar stools in different designs and colors?


Borrow from nature

There’s nothing like the elements of nature to bring warmth and comfort to your home staging plans. Aside from earth colors, incorporating actual wooden furniture selections make your home staging look more natural and appealing. Rattan, bamboo, wicker, and other types of wooden furniture items are trendy and very popular among modern home buyers. Welcome your home visitors with a fresh bouquet of flowers at the entrance, and strategically placed twigs, branches, seashells, and other nature elements at different corners of the home, and the home will feel more comfortable.

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