Are Your Photos Preventing Your Home From Selling?

Pictures do tell a thousand words, and in professional home staging, photography can help convey the message that you are trying to communicate to your potential home buyers and clients. Photos are used in home listings, advertising, as well as for websites, and these photos will be used to capture the attention of your target market and make them interested enough to visit your house in person and see if it is indeed the right home for their needs. Hence good photos are a MUST!

Most professional home staging companies provide photography services along with their staging efforts. Photographers either workKelowna Home Staging in-house or are independent contractors who partner with the staging company for specific projects.

In preparing your home for professional photography, the following reminders can help:

  • Personal stuff should be out of view. This includes family photos, refrigerator magnets, papers or bills on countertops. They can be distracting especially in a photograph; these personal belongings are usually cleared away during home staging, but make a quick check before photos are taken.
  • Entry ways and hallways should be clear. Make sure that nothing is blocking doors, such as shoes, coats, toys and other clutter. Hallways should be free of obstructions; even a spacious hallway will look crowded if there are things blocking it.
  • Bedroom and bathroom should look immaculate and organized. The beds should be made, and sheets smoothed out. Pillows and throws on beds and couches should be neatly stacked or lined up. Make sure no piles of laundry are on the bedroom floor, and no clothing items are hanging from closet doors. In the bathroom, the toilet lid should be down; toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other personal toiletries should not be seen. Towels should be freshly-pressed and hung or folded meticulously.
  • Clear the kitchen area. Dishes, silverware, pots and pans should be kept out of sight or neatly organized in their proper places. Any rags or towels should be removed.
  • Lighting is a crucial factor. Natural lighting should be allowed in as much as possible, so make sure your window fixtures and décor are easily adjustable. Some photographers and home staging professionals may want both daytime and night time photos of your property.

Remember, good photos posted on the internet or in print advertising are an important factor in selling your home and getting a good price for it!  Don’t be impatient or cut corners when it comes to photos. Which means, don’t expect great pictures out of a cell phone, or disposable camera, no matter what the commercial tells you!

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