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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The phrase a picture is worth a thousand words means a picture may convey an idea quickly and more effectively than the written word! So its really not a secret that listing photos can make or break a home’s selling potential. After all, first impressions matter, and these listing photos (for better or worse) often provide […]

Cleanliness Matters When Staging

A clean and spotless home shows best in pictures, yet shouldn’t something be said about after the photographs have been taken for the listing? Invitations have been sent out, so now you have to keep the house looking similarly as astounding as it did in the photographs. Nothing puts off a buyer more than to […]

Window Treatments In The Home Staging Process

The kind of window treatments you currently have in your home may need some updating or making over when the rest of the house undergoes a professional home staging. Window treatments serve a lot of purposes aside from adding beauty… they provide privacy and control lighting inside the home. When it comes to home staging, […]

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Staging A Relaxing Home

We live in a busy, fast-paced world with long work commutes, hectic schedules, and overlapping responsibilities. The average professional has to manage his time and energy between career, work responsibilities, family time, and many other household chores and errands. Many individuals are under a lot of stress and fatigue, and are looking for quick, convenient […]

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Simple Ideas For a Kitchen Makeover

Potential home buyers put a lot of importance on the kitchen area and how the current design or layout of the kitchen will fit with their own meal preparation needs. Additionally, contemporary lifestyles often demand that the kitchen area be more than just a place for cooking or whipping up a hearty dinner. Many families […]


Select the Right Artwork for a Space

A well placed piece of art can add the finishing touch to a space, or form the inspiration for the look and theme of a room. Artwork is an important part of staging your home and can really lift an otherwise bland wall or corner. If you‘ve been in a book store lately, you can […]