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The Power Of The Internet In Home Staging

Whether we are fully aware of it or not, much of the potential selling success of your home will hinge on its online presence and impact. Recent surveys among property buyers have indicated that a vast majority of them (upwards of 90%) used the Internet to search for possible listings that they would want to […]

Revamp Your Bathroom Without Going Broke!

When potential buyers take a tour of your bathroom, they will look for the comfort and privacy of a personal space, or how functional and adaptable the bathroom is to their daily lives especially if there are many family members who will potentially be sharing the bathroom. The “spa ambience” is something that is currently […]

The Art of Accessorizing In Home Staging

In interior design, accessorizing is considered as the ‘icing on the cake’. It refers to the finishing touches, the items of color, shape, size, and texture that complete the look or enhance the feel of an area of the home. Accessories can make a big visual impact, or make the style you are going for […]

Our House is not Selling!

Are you tossing and turning at night wondering what else you can do to get that SOLD sign on the front lawn? Has your home been listed for awhile, had lots of traffic and still no offers? There are three factors which determine the ‘sale-ability’ of your house: location, price and condition. Obviously, the location cannot […]

How to Stage a Dining Room That Looks Like Top Dollar

The dining room is the area where you entertain friends and have family over for special occasions. It is really the space where a home buyer needs to fill with personal connection. It should evoke feelings of happy festivity, effortless entertaining, and gourmet gatherings. In this post, we share tips on staging your dining space […]

Simple Ideas For a Kitchen Makeover

Potential home buyers put a lot of importance on the kitchen area and how the current layout of the kitchen will fit with their daily needs. Additionally, contemporary lifestyles often demand that the kitchen area be more than just a place for cooking or whipping up a hearty dinner. Many families use the kitchen for […]

5 Creative Ideas For A Small Attic Conversion

Attic conversions are a great way for those who cannot afford to build a room extension due to logistical or financial reasons. Extending into the roof space is a growing option for an increasing number of home owners. Moreover, an attic conversion can be a wise investment for those who may wish to sell their home […]

5 Big Ideas for Small Living Rooms

A lot of people have small living rooms and they’re looking for ways to maximize the square footage. And if you are one of them, then this is for you. We understand that space sells and if you don’t have much of it, you can always tweak and apply some things that will make it […]