Basic Feng Shui For Beginners

One of the many reasons why Feng Shui principles have become very popular among Western homeowners is the practice’s focus on achieving harmony, unity, and balance in the home’s indoor and outdoor space and living arrangement. If you come home to a house that promotes relaxation, peace of mind, solitude and simple but elegant beauty, you will immediately feel relaxed and at ease the moment you walk through those doors. On the other hand, if your house does not have any unifying element and looks like a collage of ideas and colours with no real connection, the result is a convoluted and confusing space.

Here are some basic Feng Shui principles that beginners can give a try..

Clutter-free centre. A healthy, harmonious house will be free of clutter and unnecessary stuff that limit activity or make the space look hectic and disorganized. The centre of your home must be open and clean because this is where the rest of your living space will draw energy from.

Fresh air. Keep the air fresh and flowing by opening windows or using air purifiers. Oxygen and fresh air also benefits the prep106inhabitants’ health and well-being. For larger areas such as hallways or living room, fresh plants may be used to add to the good air quality.

Happy, positive, encouraging images. Look for wall art or images that promote positive messages and happiness. Photographs of your family with big smiles and fun memories are best for display. For home staging purposes, choose art or pictures that promote encouragement and long-lasting moments.

Feng Shui colours. Different colours pertain to various elements of Feng Shui. Green is for good health, blue supports career and professional success, yellow denotes good times with family and friends, and white is the perfect background for creativity. The different colours can be applied to appropriate rooms or areas inside or outside the home.

Unity in variety. If you only use one colour, texture, style, or size in your home décor and fixtures, this creates a bland space that can seem constricting to the viewer. Even different elements can have one unifying characteristic that ties them all together in harmony, so don’t be afraid to branch out a little bit and experiment with different patterns and textures.

Energy purifiers. Scented candles, essential oils, and other purifiers help to maintain calm, soothing balance within your home. Use them appropriately, and keep safety precautions in mind (for instance, candles should be kept away from flammable materials).

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