Budget Bathroom Remodeling 

Bathrooms are the most visited rooms in households and certainly they are prone to daily wear and tear.  Popular opinion is that bathroom reno’s are expensive…sure they certainly can get that way, however it only takes some simple improvements to get the job done.   Start restoring your bathroom with these helpful budget tips:    

  1. Give it a new paint coat.

New clothes provide a stylish boost, so does a new paint for your bathroom.  It helps improve your old bathroom by creating a complete new look. 

Give  fresh look to  your out-dated bathroom cabinets with paint.  You may want to do the task yourself even though it require some patience. 

  1. Refinish your old tub.

To deal well with a tarnishing tub, most sellers prefer to find a new replacement for it.  Even though its been maintained, over time it can become dull because of wear and tear.  

What can you do then? Rather than disposing the old tub, why not refinish it?  Hire a professional to do it. There’s nothing to worry about. Hiring someone to refinish your tub can be a lot cheaper than buying and installing a new tub.  

  1.   Accessorize your bathroom with new hardware.

Bathroom hardware like faucets, towel bars, door knobs, cabinet knobs and others are add-on accessories to use. Their sizes may look small but they are important in enhancing the attractiveness of your bathroom. You can always add life to your bathroom by swapping out stained or out dated hardware with gleaming inexpensive additions.   

  1. Restore your vanity top. 

Do not forget about your vanity top.  Its current style may not suit your fresh new color scheme.  There are great new products out there at local hardware stores, which allow you to repaint the counters! Updating at a fraction of the cost of a new vanity top.

  1. Frame your bathroom mirror.

A focal point is required in a bathroom, and the best way of getting it is by framing your mirror.  As proven, a bathroom mirror is large enough to create a powerful design effect. 

Add more charm to your bathroom mirror by utilizing a vintage frame.  You can have a do-it-yourself (DIY) frame that looks more personalized.  A wood frame isn’t difficult to make and there are available tutorials that will teach you.  A wooden and hand-made frame is not expensive and a single day is enough to finish a beautiful mirror frame.   

Final words

It won’t break the bank to spruce up your bathroom.   After all, the above advice will lower the cost of your bathroom remodeling.  Aside from this, you get more money savings if you prefer the do-it-yourself performance task.     

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