Can Smaller or Less Expensive Homes Benefit from Home Staging?

Are you trying to sell a house that is smaller in size, or a home that is not as expensive or as high-value as other properties in the market? Some people have the misconception that if the house they are trying to sell is small and inexpensive, it does not need to be professionally staged. Perhaps this is because a small house has a very specific target clientele, or because the homeowners do not believe that their house can look or project much better than it currently does even with home staging.

Home staging, however, has much to offer the seller as far as presentation and marketability, and even a seemingly unattractive and limited property can be transformed into a cozy, comfortable, and liveable home with the right home staging techniques. After all, the goal of home staging is to work with the present space and make it as attractive as possible to possible buyers, and this has very little to do with the size of the home. Staging can be a successful venture whether your home is a spacious mansion or a smaller one-bedroom bungalow.

Keep in mind that staging does not aim to transform your house into something it is obviously not; instead, staging endeavours to prep50highlight your home’s strengths and emphasize possibilities in space utilization and decorating ideas, while minimizing potential turn-offs or areas of concern.

If you could sell your home for a little more than what you were expecting it to go for in the market, wouldn’t you do it? Effective home staging can add to the overall value of your property and allow your realtor to negotiate or ask for a better price for your home. Of course, if it looks very presentable, contemporary, and ready for moving in, which it will look like once staging efforts have been put in place, potential buyers would be more than likely to be ready to pay for its perceived cost.

One of the strongest arguments in favour of professional staging is how it helps to quickly get the property sold. The longer your house sits in the sellers’ market, the more it loses its value. A staged house immediately attracts the attention of home buyers because it stands out from other properties in the area that have not been staged. On the other hand, if staging is already the trend in your location, then you absolutely cannot afford to have any professional staging updates done to your home. Even if it is smaller in size and price tag, it will shine through and become a hot property with the right staging strategies.

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