7 Creative and Cheap Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

cheap and creative storage solutions for small bathrooms

The bathroom can often be the smallest room in the house, yet when you think about it, it stores the most variety of stuff. Sometimes, it is dizzying to sort all the products and deciding where to hide them or which ones to display can be a little frustrating (we feel for you people who live in staged homes!).

So, how do you declutter a small bathroom and keep everything organized and beautifully stored?

Here are 7 easy and cheap storage solutions that won’t break the bank but will impress any buyer.

#1 Labeled storage


Labeled jars or towel baskets are not only nice to look at but they make sorting and access much easier. They also leave a good impression with prospective buyers because they show how much of an organized person you are.

#2 Mason jars


These nifty little jars are perfect for keeping small things on hand like cotton balls, cotton swabs, hair pins and trinkets. Mason jars are pretty popular in the DIY scene and decorating them gives you endless possibilities.

#3 Shelf above the door


Lucky enough to have ample space above your bathroom door? Adding a shelf is a great way for keeping your extra toiletries neat and organized.

#4 Towel rack


No, you don’t need to drill holes for a new towel rack. Repurpose your old wine rack instead!

#5 Shoe organizers


No extra space for shelves? No worries! A clear shoe organizer is a great alternative. Best to hang it at the back of your door.

#6 Stick on pods


These clear, high quality plastic organizers adhere to flat surfaces and provide a great way to display your personal items.

#7 Cord control


Looking for a great way to keep those unruly cords under control? If you are not a fan of labeled paper rolls, you can customize a drawer or simply repurpose a cutebox.

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