Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Chair

We all know that the ultimate dining experience isn’t all about just the food. The ambiance and feel of the dining area also does much to create a memorable moment with family and friends gathered to enjoy a meal. In home staging, the main goal is to create a space that allows potential home buyers to imagine themselves and their family enjoying the different rooms and areas of the house. When it comes to the dining room, your selection of dining chairs would be crucial to staging success.

Home buyers are looking for more than just a functional space to eat or share meals with the rest of the family. Just like the other parts of the home, buyers want form and function combined, and they are looking for a dining area that looks open and welcoming, and goes with the theme of the rest of the house, but also serves its main purpose which is to provide an area for the residents to eat. Dining chairs are not just furniture items for family members to sit during meals, but also complement the dining table and the rest of the dining area, and keep everyone comfortable while eating.

Style should match the overall home design

There are different styles of dining chairs, and what you choose should be in line with your dining area’s staging plan, as well as the rest of the home’s. For more formal dining areas, for instance, recommended dining chair would be velvet-padded or with satin covers and elegant patterns that add a touch of understated sophistication; anything too loud or brightly-colored would be distracting.

On the other hand, contemporary dining rooms would require chairs with thicker padding and covers such as leather, suede, or synthetic materials, as these chairs go well with dark wood or clear glass tables. Another option for contemporary dining chairs would be benches or booth-style seating.prep94

Meanwhile, for minimalist-styled dining areas, very simple chairs with simple lines and patterns and very little to no detail would blend well. There are also minimalist chairs with no padding, fabric, or backrests, depending on your dining table. Dark wood or metal are usual materials for a minimalist dining room chair, and usual colors for fabrics or seat covers would be white, black, or gray.


On the other hand, mixing and matching various styles can also work for dining chairs if properly selected. For instance, if your very formal dining area needs just a little touch of casual flair to lighten up the mood, installing dining chairs with a unique color or design pattern, or perhaps even different-colored dining chairs for variety.

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