Choosing the Right Color Palettes

Choosing the right color palette when styling your home is one of the key things to begin with!

Choosing a color scheme or color palette is vitally important for any room. First, you need to determine all of the major colors you will be working with. Don’t do it in a hodgepodge fashion. By choosing your palette first, it becomes easier to pull it together and allows you to stay focused. You’ll probably make fewer mistakes as well.

Since color can visually stretch or shrink a room or even the elements in the room, choose accordingly. For instance, if your kitchen is huge and you want to make it more cozy; paint it a warm brick red or a dark, forest green. Those colors will make the room appear smaller. However, if you’re working on a small guest bath, paint the walls a light, pale, cool blue. This will help make it feel larger and also bring a calm feeling into the room.

Colors can also elicit an emotional response:

  • Green = soothing 
  • Yellow = uplifting and energetic 
  • Red = passion and daring 
  • Soft Pink = sweet and delicate (often used in hospitals) 
  • Blue = calming and quiet 
  • Orange = warm and cozy
  • Purple = sexy or spiritual

For a no-fail palette, use a color wheel. Choose your favorite color. Choose either an analogous color (one next to it on the wheel) or a complementary color (one opposite it). Select one color to be dominant. The other colors will be accent colors.

If you stay within your group, your colors will not clash. Remember though, that all color can be divided into warm and cool spectrums. Warm colors work best with other warm colors. Cool colors work best with other cool colors. Visit your local paint store.  You’ll quickly be able to differentiate between the warm and the cool colors.   But most importantly have fun.  Color can be a fun and inexpensive way to give any room an updated or completely different feel.

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