Cleanliness Matters When Staging

A clean and spotless home shows best in pictures, yet shouldn’t something be said about after the photographs have been taken for the listing? Invitations have been sent out, so now you have to keep the house looking similarly as astounding as it did in the photographs. Nothing puts off a buyer more than to walk into a home that they were impressed with the photos only to arrive at a home that looks completely different from those pictures. Keeping the house clean and ready for the show can surely assist you in doing what needs to be done!

Here at Prep This House Interiors, our customers call us because they need to get their homes ready for showing. Over the years, we got to learn a few things, and here are our top seven tips to get your home prepped for the critical eyes of potential buyers:

Renting a Storage

If you don’t utilize something consistently, get it into the storage unit before you begin the cleaning process before staging your home. The fewer items you have displayed in your home, the less you need to clean around.

Dust Everything Before for Staging

When house cleaning while preparing to stage your home, your baseboards should be near perfect; likewise, the fans as well as the light switches. A clean foyer, washing machine, front door, or even a bed frame can go a long way when presenting a tidy home. If well-done, it will look like someone turned up the brightness of your lights.

The Smell Test

Invite a friend or anyone who doesn’t stay in your home to take a walk in through the door and take a big sniff. Whether it’s your favorite cooking spices, pets, or air fresheners, different sorts of odors can make your house repulsive to buyers. Look for the source of any such odors and eliminate them.

Take a Critical Look at The Walls Before Staging a House

Vacuuming walls with the correct attachment can spruce up a house. If doors are dirty clean them or better yet paint the old interior doors and change doorknobs if necessary.

A Sparkling Clean Bathroom Can Be a Showplace

Every toilet should shine after the bathroom is cleaned for a home staging. Scrub around the base of the toilet, clean all dust from around that area. Pop open the caps that cover the bolts behind the seats and clean thoroughly, carefully wipe any residue. The bathtub and faucet should be as clean as the bathroom of a well-ranked hotel. No dirt residue should be seen or felt anywhere.

Staging Your House Requires a Sparkling Kitchen

Take a good look at each cabinet. Scrub all cabinets…focus on cleaning all the little smudges. Clean all kitchen appliances thoroughly.

This may seem over the top but stage your pantry and refrigerator. Ensure all surfaces are spotless and clean. Organize food items neatly. Store spices neatly in rows. If the kitchen is clean and orderly, it will be easier for any prospective owner to picture themselves cooking in it.

Examine the Floors

At this point, calling in a professional is essential. If a professional cleaning service isn’t on the budget, take some time to mop the floors thoroughly with steam. Make sure to pay particular attention to corners. If there is a carpet, check to see if it is dirty, vacuum thoroughly, and then purchase or rent a cleaning machine at the grocery store to maximize your carpet’s value. Take your time and repeat the vacuuming.

Just like exercising to get in shape, there are no shortcuts to the work of cleaning and preparing your home for sale. Knowing and applying the correct approach will give you confidence and help you to move on.

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