Common Home Staging Challenges

Architectural features have been ignored

You can enhance the rooms character by placing the furniture according to the architectural features.  Pay attention to odd angles in walls and floors and use them as your placement guidelines.

The room does not feel balanced

Be aware of how furniture and accessory pieces interact with each other.  Try to offset your largest pieces with other large scale items, actual or visual.  It is important to balance both vertically and horizontally.

The furniture is hugging the walls

Furniture lined up along the walls creates a “hole” in the center of the room.  Try pulling the furniture out into the room and discover how inviting this arrangement is!

Your room has no distinct focal point

Typically the first thing you see upon entering a room is called a focal point.. Be sure to accent the most eye-catching feature in the room!

Your art is hung too high

Our homes are not art museums!  Art is most often viewed when seated and should be appreciated at this level.  Rule of thumb, pick your height and lower it by 3 inches.


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