How to Create An Inspiring Home Office

More and more Canadians are finding themselves working from their homes, whether in full-time or part-time schedules, or other flexible scheduling options as needed. Homeowners are finding themselves setting aside a space or room in the house for their work desk, whether they run a business or enterprise from home, telecommute from time to time, or need a quiet, organized area to go through their mail, pay bills, and set up appointments.

Your home office should be one that is conducive to the kind of work that you do, but at the same time, give you free rein as far as creativity and personal preferences. One of the biggest advantages of telecommuting or working remotely from home is the flexibility that you have over the work environment that you will be occupying. You can move away from the often stifling or drab corporate environment or cramped cubicle, and design a more personalized, intimate, and enjoyable work station that inspires you and enables you to be productive while working at home.

Space and location

prep1If you run a business from your home and often meet with clients or customers, then your home office should have ample seating, as well as accessibility (as much as possible, you wouldn’t want clients to have to walk through the entire house before getting to your office). On the other hand, if the type of work you do requires lots of concentration and minimal noise, the location of the home office should be one with not too much foot traffic.

Your work area should also provide you with plenty of visual break or appeal to minimize monotony. When you look up from your computer, would you rather be looking at a great view outside the window, or a blank wall? Don’t sacrifice space as well, because you should also consider that this where you will be spending many hours of the day and a cramped, tight space likely will discourage rather than make you want to complete tasks.

Creative colors, textures and furniture

No need to get approval from a boss or design committee as far as décor or fixtures for your home office, so make sure it is a space that really inspires you and reflects your taste and personality. The walls can be painted with your favorite color, accents can be prep2various shades of the same color, and you have the freedom to either make the room a bright, cheerful splash of vibrant hues, or a calming, soothing oasis of solitude and concentration.

Even the furniture and fixtures in your home office can help you become more productive. Start with your office chair; invest in a very comfortable and ergonomic chair that fits you perfectly and is great for your body even after long hours of work. Your work desk, meanwhile, can be spruced up with desk organizers, a contemporary task or desk lamp, and innovative storage solutions such as cube storage or colorful boxes for documents.

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