Creating Visual Impact When Staging Your Home

It is not a far-fetched idea to surmise that even before your potential home buyers have seen your property for sale, they have already seen several other houses in your neighborhood or elsewhere. They will most likely also be checking out other houses after they have been to yours. With so many choices available to home shoppers, it is very crucial for your home staging plans to be geared towards a dramatic, memorable visual impact.

The visual effect of a staged home actually goes beyond just appealing to the eyes. The goal of any home staging professional is to create an ambiance that evokes emotions, appeals to memories, or makes the potential buyer feel comfortable and right at home in a property that he or she is seeing for the first time. Dramatic impact is also important so that your property for sale will be memorable to the clients, making sure that they will remember your house long after they have seen other properties.

Start with the entrance

Your home should capture the attention and the imagination of the prospective buyers as they enter prep65your property. Curb appeal is achieved through strategic landscaping, cleaning sidewalks and windows, and clearing driveways and walkways to your house.

Bright entrances and doorways appear inviting and non-threatening to people. A fresh bouquet of flowers, or even strategically-planted flowers and plants by the doorways are some of the first and last things that guests see when they tour your home; the more visually dramatic they are, the more likely they will leave an impact on clients’ imaginations.

Create nostalgia

A lot of home buyers are not aware of it on the conscious level, but there are subliminal or memory triggers that make certain home designs, décor, and accessories more appealing to them because of past associations with great memories, family moments, or even the place where they grew up in. People’s idea of “home” is almost always shaped in some form by their memories of home growing up, wherever that may be.

It is, of course, difficult to achieve this for each and every client you will welcome to your home, but you can make general updates based on the target market that you and your professional home stager have discussed. For instance, if your home is geared more towards baby boomers or retirees who are flocking to your city and buying properties, simple additions such as music, sports, or film memorabilia from past decades can instantly make your buyer feel a connection to the home. Vintage or retro designs and furniture also evoke this nostalgic appeal.

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