Curtains – A Popular Window Treatment

Curtains are arguably among the most popular kinds of window treatments among homeowners. They are easy to install and maintain, and are not very difficult to interchange or blend with different home décor and designing plans. When preparing your property for sale, the right curtains can add to the overall ambiance of any area of your home, and can be easier and more effective rather than blinds or drapes.

The right color and fabric of curtains should be your priority in the selection process. Curtains can blend well with the general motif of the room or area of the home, or provide a contrast or visual balance. One reminder: sunlight will fade curtain fabrics over time. In rooms or areas of the home that get lots of sunlight, you may want to stick to lighter colors and fabrics which willnot fade as fast. Neutral shades would be the better option so they can easily blend into the room.

prep81Durability is also important, and curtains made of linen, silk, faux silk and velvet not only hang nicely, but are very durable as well. Another thing you can use to prolong the life span of the curtains you choose for your home would be interlining with thick, insulating felt or fabric material between the lining and the fabric.

As far as length and lining, the general rule designers follow is to hang the curtains at least six inches above the frame of the window. If you want a more dramatic look, or need to add a sense of height to the general area, you can hang the panels higher over the window. A traditional look is to have the curtains form a slight puddle on the floor; if you want a simpler, more modern look, the panel can just touch the floor.

Contemporary curtain settings are best displayed with eyelet headings. Eyelets go well with most curtain fabrics, and they produce a soft, wide fold that is minimalist but with impact. Pinch pleats are another popular curtain heading, and this goes well with more formal areas of the home such as the living room or dining room.

Just don’t forget to let the right amount of light in, or not to block a great outside view especially during house showings.

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