DIY Home Staging: What Are The Risks?

Every home staging professional knows that first impressions make a significant impact in the buyer decision making process.


Home staging is not as easy as many would think it would be. In order to create a perfectly staged home,  specialized and skilled manpower is required. Hey, it’s more than just adding furnishings or repainting old walls!

Based on years of experience, we believe that do-it-yourself home staging can have sizeable  risks involved, that may affect the sellability of your home if not handled correctedly.

We also  understand that staging your home by yourself can be an option, yet if you decide to undertake  DIY, it is crucial to know what it takes.

#1 Save time with professional home staging versus DIY

Sure, there are freely available resources that you can find online, but a professional staging team knows what to do first and what to do next and has all the right tools for a flawless job.

You don’t have to spend an extra 2 hours of your day scrubbing grime or patching chipped tiles and imagine having your weekends freer for family bonding, rather than ravaging through thrift stores for on-sale items.

#2 Safety first!

Previously, we’ve talked about safety and precaution when staging your home.  So if you plan to do it on your own, you must also be aware about the basic and important safety tips.

  • Read the instructions and manufacturer’s specification before tinkering with an equipment.
  • Wear safety gears such as safety glasses and appropriate clothing to protect yourself from particulates and strong cleaning agents.
  • Take extra precaution when using electricity. Stay away from damp or wet areas if you will use electrical tools to avoid undue hazard.
  • Apply the 4-1 ladder rule. Make sure that the ladder is on a level surface and always remember that for every 4 feet of ladder height, the bottom of the ladder should correspond with one foot away from the wall or leaning object.

Check out the full article Safety First In DIY Home Staging here

#3 Save money with professional home stagers

Now, this might seem ironic to you. Saving money while spending money on professional help? How could that be possible? Well, this is a case to case basis and it would greatly depend on your tinkering and designing skills.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know the difference between designing for your family and designing for the market?
  • Have you ever tried painting a wall yourself?
  • Do you know where to buy inexpensive home accessories like lamps, candles, furniture?
  • Do you know how to repurpose old wine racks, drawers, glass jars, etc.?

If not, then there’s a great chance that you may spend more rather than spend less. One instance, would be buying things that you already have at home, instead of repurposing them.

image source: PrepThisHouse on

 Repurpose an old wine rack to a towel rack. 

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Another example would be paints. If you don’t know your way with paints, it could turn into a major hassle. Choosing and mixing the right colors for your home is a tedious process. You don’t want to pay a professional to correct your mistakes, right?

On the other hand, professional stagers “see what the buyer sees”. They design for the market and they create a favorable environment to aid in the buyer decision making process.

Professional stagers develop relationships with expert carpenters, painters, cleaners, plumbers, etc. on a regular basis so you can get the best quality work.

Home staging consultants can also give your staged property additional exposure through their newsletters, blogging and their social media profiles. They are also more than willing to recommend the best paint choices, items that can be recycled, what to leave and what to get packed up.

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