Does “Neutral” Mean No Color?

Everybody has heard that if you are going to paint your house you need to consider the effect your paint color will have on resale value. Most experts agree that keeping your color scheme neutral is the safest option; however that does not mean that you need to paint your entire home boring, drab beige.

The definition of “Neutral” when it comes to color simply means that the color is not on the color scale. Colors such as black, white, grey, brown, and beige do not fit on the color scale as they are actually devoid of color. The whole science of this concept is best left to the scientists! All you need to do is look at a color wheel and stay away from any of the colors on it. Simple enough, right?Pencil_color_wheel

I know the idea of neutral color schemes can seem quite boring but there are many beautiful colors that fall into the category of neutral but are not the boring beige of your parents’ generation.Grey is a popular choice for neutral color schemes. In all the varying shades of grey, from a dark, smoky grey to a light silver toned hue, grey adds an element of class to any room.

Black, although not recommended as a full room color can be used to accent a room and make a bold statement in certain areas.  Accessories such as area rugs, lamps, vases, and other such items look fantastic in black and create a great focal point in the room.

White is always a great choice for bathrooms, as it adds a crisp clean feeling to the room and makes for a soothing and tranquil space. White can also be used to accent darker room colors, such as grey or brown to add lighter element to the room.

The shades of brown and beige don’t need to be boring. There are several shades that are really quite nice and create a soft warm glow in a room. Boring beige is a thing of the past and many paint stores have a wide variety of beautiful neutral brown and beige shades that you are sure to love.

10041765_3The moral of the story is that neutral does not mean that you need to have a colorless and drab home. It simply means that you should stay away color from the bright colors found on a standard color wheel. No bright fuchsias, or flaming reds, or the trendy shades that come and go.  If you want to maintain value and appeal to the buyer’s market, keep these neutral colors in mind and speak to a reputable paint dealer who can help guide you through the maze of neutrality!




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