Does The TV Stay Or Go In Home Staging?

The television set is part and parcel of the contemporary home today, and as such should be considered in home staging. Unless you somehow decided to forego TV entertainment in your home because of personal reasons, or you have given up on pop culture altogether and think it is a waste of your time, then you probably have at least one TV set in your house. In fact, in most North American homes today, it is not uncommon to see several TV sets in a residence. Aside from the living room, there is usually a TV in the kitchen, the bedrooms, and for some, even the bathroom.

Professional home staging efforts would inevitably include your TV set in one way or another. The location and aesthetic appeal of prep56your TV would have to fit in somehow with the theme or ambiance being recreated by the rest of the staging efforts. The rule of thumb for most staging professionals seems to be to minimize the TV and avoid turning it into the focal point of a room or area of the house, unless that area is the living room or family den where the usual activity would be TV entertainment, of course.

If there is a TV in the bedroom, there are ways to minimize its presence if you decide you do not want to remove it altogether. Flat-screen TVs that are wall-mounted, for instance, conserve space and are minimalist in style; they also take up less space and are very contemporary in design, making them great accessories to a modern bedroom theme. However, they should not be too big or glaring as to divert attention away from the rest of the bedroom. Other decorating touches such as big, beautiful white linen curtains or fluffy pillows on the bed can be used to divert attention away from the TV.

Very large televisions in smaller areas or rooms may be problematic as they become the star of the show rather than the house itself. In addition, old TV sets or those clunky models that still take up a lot of space can also be distracting especially if you are trying to attain a contemporary staging look. If the homeowner is due for a television upgrade and can afford it, purchasing a new, stylish TV would be a good investment that would add to the home’s current style and can also be used once they move to the new residence.

Another option is renting fake TV props. Many cities now have companies that offer affordable rentals of fake furniture and appliances such as flat TVs and wall mounts. Rentals may be convenient for home sellers with limited cash and unwilling to invest in a top-of-the-line TV. Also to watch out for is the presence of too many wires, cables, antennas and other TV-related clutter sticking out and all over the floor. These are very distracting and make the area look busy and unkempt. Walls and cables should be kept as hidden from view or discreet as possible.

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