Every Corner Counts In Home Staging

One of the main goals of professional home staging is to make the home fit the potential buyer’s idea of their new home as well as accommodating their lifestyle or family needs. So along with cleaning every inch of the house, updating furniture and fixtures, repairing any things around the house that are suffering from wear and tear, or sprucing up the whole house with a fresh coat of paint, homeowners should also stage their home as a property that is worth investing both financial resources and emotional attachment into.

No matter how large or small your home is, you will find empty spaces or corners that can potentially be maximized in the home staging process to create a look, complement a theme, or simply give potential home buyers an idea of what to do with that exact same area or room if they do decide to purchase the house. Neglected corners, rooms and areas in the house stand out as a waste of potentially valuable storage, entertaining, or simply a decorative addition to the property. During showings, an empty room in the midst of a completely staged and decorated home may give buyers a negative impression of that space, ie: it’s too small.

Having said this though we want to remember that it is unadvisable to crowd every nook and cranny of your home with bookshelves, chairs, tables, plants, and other accessories or décor pieces just for the sake of showcasing space; if anything, this will distract from the home staging advances made in the rest of the house. But carefully selected and strategically positioned updates to your unused corners and spaces can prove to be memorable and endearing home staging successes.


Here are some suggestions: 

Find use for that area under the stairs. That space under the stairs can be used as additional storage space, a small reading room, or to house a cupboard or cabinet. This space under the stairs should especially be utilized or maximized if it is very visible to people as they walk in through the front door or down a hallway.

prep39Spare rooms should not be completely empty. You can use a few contemporary furniture pieces to make a room look like it is being used, and not just a neglected area of the house. It does not necessarily have to be a guest bedroom; you can design a simple home office, a meditation room, or a small library. You can utilize items and fixtures from other areas of the house in order to save on costs.

Wall corners make great storage additions. The wall corners can be used to add additional cabinets or cupboards for extra storage. At the end of a hallway, you can consider adding bookshelves and then perhaps a small coffee table and chair to create a reading nook. Even a pleasant-looking house plant or sculpture can make the space look less lonely.

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