Get Organized and Stay Organized

Getting organized whether you are moving or not can me a nightmare.  Here are some of our favourite  tips that can help you get organized and then stay organized especially even after you move!

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Organize the Kitchen

Box  Them Up  Got lots of cake tins and casseroles  floating around.. why not place them a basket in the cupboard.. Three boxes in a row will look neat, loose piles of tin trays wont

Avoid Book Overload  Do you really need all those cookbook?  When was the last time you even looked through them?  If you haven’t used them in the last year, time to pass them on

2 tiered turn table used to organize

Free up Space  Jars & tins tucked away in the back of cupboards are so irritating.  Raise them up on a 2 tieredturntable. Fits easily into any cupboard and allows you to reach everything easily.,  $19.99

Bedroom Bliss

Get Hooked Looking for somewhere to store your necklaces where they wont get tangled up? Attach a couple of hooks inside your bathroom vanity doors

Sort Your Smalls  Keep smaller items like socks, stockings or underwear in separate compartments.  Ikea has brilliant fabric dividers that are great for exactly this type of thing

No More Rummaging.  You upset the whole linen cupboard looking for a matching duvet and pillowcases?  Search no more.  Once nicely laundered use one pillowcase to act as a sleeve to hold the complete set together in one piece!  We love this one!  As a matter of fact spent Saturday doing this very thing to our linen cupboard!  Looks amazing now 🙂

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