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Have You Missed The Easiest Way To Make A Big Impact In Your Home?


Mirrors can be the best way to invest your money in your home. Whether you live in a small or large home, mirrors can help dress up your home quickly.


Problem: My room is so dark!

Solution: When you add mirrors to your space, you will be able to reflect light and double the amount of light in your room. By adding a mirror to your area, the reflection of your lamp and its light will increase your lighting investment automatically.


Problem: My room is tiny!

Solution: Consider flanking opposite facing walls with mirrors. The mirrors will act to enlarge your space along with the infinite reflection in the mirror directly across it.


Problem: My space doesn’t have enough windows.

Solution: If you would like to intimate, there are more windows, hang a group of mirrors on the wall to mimic windows, and add drapery panels between the mirrors.


Problem: My table has seen better days. Should I toss it?

Solution: You might consider keeping it. Really! You can then get a glass shop to custom cut a mirror to place upon your new find. It will spruce the table up immediately, and you can put some glass votives on top. You just found a new place to reflect light into your space!


Problem: I need a focal point for my room.

Solution: If your room is missing a focal point, a mirror can do the trick. Find a mirror with an exciting or beautiful frame that is large enough to make an impact on your wall. Flank it with sconces, and you have just created a focal point!


Problem: My wall has an unsightly crack, and the guest will be here soon!

Solution: If you have a crack, blemish, or other flaws on your wall, consider hanging a mirror over it to hide your room’s imperfection.


Problem: I have a lovely view, but only half of my dinner guests can enjoy it. How can everyone enjoy the view?

Solution: The solution is to double your pleasure. Place a mirror directly across from your beautiful view, and now it can be appreciated doubly.


If your room is missing “something,” buy a mirror. With so many uses, if it doesn’t do the trick in that room, it will work somewhere else!




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