Home Staging Cleaning Checklist

The first step in home staging is CLEANING. You need to clean like you have never cleaned before… Overwhelmed? Try not to panic. Follow this home staging cleaning checklist and your home will be ready to stage in no time.


  •  Clean all chandeliers and light fixtures
  •  Polish all woodwork, including furniture
  • Clean backsplashes in all bathrooms and kitchens
  •  Polish mirrors
  • Clean all window screens and storm doors and screens
  •  Clean front door hardware
  • Clean the front entryway very well, it is the first place a potential buyer will see and will reflect on the whole house
  •  Clean baseboards and all trim
  • Clean inside your kitchen cabinets
  •  Clean faucets, sinks, and all reflective surfaces
  •  Clean/polish switch plates
  •  Deep clean carpets
  • Keep dishes done and put away every day
  •  Clean kitchen exhaust fan, filters, hoods
  •  Clean oven, stovetop, burners
  •  Wash all floors, staircases and closet floors
  •  Wash walls
  •  Clean under and behind appliances



  •  Cut and Edge the Lawn
  • Trim bushes & Trees removing all dead limbs & debris
  •  Remove all weeds from flowerbeds, rocks, & cracks in concrete
  • Wash driveways & sidewalks
  •  Patch any wood rot on siding and repaint
  •  Paint and/or stain fences & decks
  •  Put away all lawn equipment, bikes, & toys
  • Inspect all exterior elements of home: gutters, downspouts, siding, trim, & shutters. Clean, paint, and/or replace
  •  Inspect for missing/ damaged shingles & flashings. Make any necessary repairs
  •  Clean & touch up paint on the little things: House numbers, mailboxes, doorbells



If you would like more information on what else you can do to get your home ready for your local market? Contact us today!

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