Home Staging For Changing Weather Conditions

In the process of home staging, much of the planning and preparations of homeowners and home staging professionals revolve around factors that are within control, such as décor, themes, space maximization, color combinations, and other essentials. Functional and space-saving home accessories can be selected, lighting fixtures can be upgraded, floors and rugs can be cleaned, and window treatments can be updated for natural lighting and air.

There are factors and circumstances,however that are not within our control, no matter how much we would like everything to be carefully planned and all details to fall into place. Weather conditions, for instance, are variables that we just have to deal with and adjust to. Depending on where you live, climate and weather conditions may be mild and temperate throughout the year, or it may be more volatile and subject to sudden changes at a moment’s notice. prep39

How you stage your home should be as resistant to weather conditions as possible, in order to maximize resources and to retain the look and ambience that you are going for, no matter what climate conditions may be. Temperatures may be higher or lower, and it may be a day of sunshine, or rain, perhaps even strong winds or thunderstorms, but if planned carefully, your home staging efforts would still hold up and make an impact if properly planned and managed.

Some ideas:


  • Weatherproof doors and weather-resistant windows go a long way. You would want to update to doors and windows that can withstand precipitation and winds. In fact, if you live in an area with frequent storms and windy conditions, this should be a staple from day one anyway. Potential home buyers will appreciate weatherproof doors and windows, and this can add value to your overall property.


  • Waterproof outdoor and indoor rugs, sturdy carpets and metal furniture last all year. Area rugs and doormats should be designed to withstand precipitation and mud; there are plenty of waterproof rugs and mats you can buy at local home improvement stores. For your deck or patio, meanwhile, you would want to set up metal tables and chairs, or waterproof outdoor furniture that would still look good regardless of the weather.


  • Check the air conditioning and heating system. Your home’s climate control, air conditioning or heating system should be working properly and efficiently. On the day of house showings or open house, set the temperature to be as comfortable as possible, depending on the outdoor climate conditions. Consider energy efficient options for home cooling and heating also.


  • Plan ahead for weather changes. During months of higher precipitation rates, it is not a good idea to leave windows open; this is alright during the summer, but if you are away from the home and it starts to rain, water will get in the house and potentially damage your staging efforts. Also, check for any tree branches, foliage, or shrubs that can be hazards during severe weather. Another thing to check is any clutter or outdoor installations that can be carried away by strong winds and damage property or injure people.

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