Home Staging For Generation X Buyers

Within the hierarchy of generational buyers, the Generation X buyers are likely to be the ones who are purchasing their very first home. In fact, this could be their biggest purchase or investment to date. People who are part of Generation X were born between 1965 to 1980; they are a major part of the general consumer market today, and a possibly substantial part of your potential home buyers. If your property is in a general location that is favorable to Gen-Xers, then gearing your home staging efforts toward appealing to the Gen-X market would make perfect sense.

Of course, the buying preferences and outlook of Gen-X clients are fundamentally different from those of their predecessors, the Baby Boomers. Gen-Xers, for the most part, were born into a period of relative wealth, privilege, and the rapid advance of technology. They are used to instant gratification, and value quick, efficient delivery of products and services. But they are also the generation born into evolving family structures and societal changes.

When it comes to home staging, how do you appeal to potential home buyers who are part of Generation X?

Gen-Xers want a move-in ready home. Generation X clients generally want a property that would require little upgrades or fixings on their part. This is because they are typically busy with their careers, family responsibilities, and other personal tasks and projects. These buyers would be attracted to a house that is already well-maintained and ready for new occupants.

A modern tech-savvy home is a hit with Gen-Xers. They grew up with video games, cellular phones, and remote-controlled everything. Gen-X home buyers would very likely look for it in when they look for a home too. If you have modern technological devices and systems installed around your property, make sure they are emphasized.prep68

Gen-Xers care about appearance. They are particularly drawn to home fixtures and enhancements that evoke wealth, class, and sophistication. Look for décor or finishing touches that reflect grandeur and posh style.

Web presence is very important to Gen-Xers. If you are reaching out to this target market, you have to be where they usually are, which is probably the Internet. Statistics show that the Internet is one of the first places where Gen-X home buyers look for listings, so your online presence should be an excellent representation of your property, with top quality photography and important details given so they can reach you conveniently.

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